No fans at training camp this year, for any team

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Some teams have begun to announce that they won’t be hosting fans at camp. Eventually, every team will say the same thing, because no teams will have fans at training camp in 2020.

“Fans will not be permitted at training camp this year,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email. “This is a league-wide policy. Clubs may hold up to two events at their stadium provided they adhere to all state and local guidelines.”

This is one of the agreements that the league and the union have reached in working out the protocols for pro football in a pandemic. Training camps will be off limits, but for a pair of stadium events that are permitted locally, and that follow all applicable rules and regulations.

22 responses to “No fans at training camp this year, for any team

  1. This is not going to end well a couple months from now. Just cancel the season.

  2. Oh good, Rogie! You made a rational decision that isn’t creepy.

    Better late than never, loser!

  3. Lame. Would have loved to have been able to make this choice on my own but whatever, its their business loss. Time to enjoy stuff in life that I can control – which will soon likely be nothing at this rate.

  4. I’ve got a better idea: How about no games; no fans; no Super Bowl and no nothing this season?

    Time to quit fooling around.

    Just say NO!

  5. Say it ain’t so! No Cam Newton vs. Jarrett Stidham battles to watch in person?!?

    My absolute favorite time of year, and now it’s [sobs] all gone.

    I was hoping all the years of “Foxboro Flu” would have given the Patriots herd immunity by now.

  6. No fans, no media, no witnesses, what will the Pats be doing behind closed doors?
    My money on local prison teams bused in for scrimmages.

  7. I’m more interested in whether or not beat writers and other press will be allowed to attend.

  8. “My money on local prison teams bused in for scrimmages.”

    What a sad little comment.

    Please do “bet the house” on that I’m certain you can find a casino willing to take such a bet. Then you can blame the mean ol’ Pats when you’re homeless

  9. Since I went to every Packers’ camp practice last year, this is expected, yet sad.

  10. Green Bay sets the example and the league follows suit. It’s called doing the right thing.

  11. the season Will be cancelled only if the owners and players can’t come to an agreement about how much pay will be given if only one game played and then season cancelled. as posts in the past have mentioned-the way the cba is written a player gets full season salary if just one game played. if owners can’t get an agreement they will cancel season.

  12. The NFL is on a path to destruction people are so fed up with the league,owners and players. The fans get squat from these losers we are struggling as a country right now football is at the bottom of the food chain next to baseball and basketball

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