Patrick Mahomes expresses dismay at status of NFL-NFLPA talks

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What a difference six days makes.

Last Friday, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes expressed optimism regarding the ability of the NFL and the NFL Players Association to resolve any and all differences standing in the way of a 2020 season. Now? Not.

Stuff is crazy man,” Mahomes tweeted on Thursday evening. “All this time we had and now we are down to this.”

His comments came in response to an NFL Media tweet regarding the fact that the clock is ticking toward impasse between the league and the union on pandemic-related safety protocols. If no agreement is reached, the league would implement rules and the union would challenge them via an expedited grievance.

It’s a far cry from the optimism Mahomes expressed on July 10, during an appearance on ESPN: “The NFLPA and the NFL are talking it through and trying to figure out the best way for us to go back and play the sport we love, keep ourselves safe and follow the right protocol so we’re not hurting anyone else or hurting ourselves. I have trust that the people in charge will do the right thing and get us out there playing the sport we love and doing it the right way.”

There’s still a chance an agreement will be reached. The NFL continues to be a deadline driven business. However, the deadline is here. It’s time for the two sides to figure out their differences and then join forces to deal with the far bigger threat to the 2020 season.

26 responses to “Patrick Mahomes expresses dismay at status of NFL-NFLPA talks

  1. This is stupid. There won’t be a season. The players don’t want to play. They just don’t want to be the ones that cause the season to be cancelled. They want the nfl to cancel the season. Just grow a set and tell us you don’t want to play. We already know you don’t, why hide it????

  2. Maybe they can agree to cancel the 2020 season,…you know… considering that there’s a global pandemic and the body count just keeps going up…

  3. One option is why don’t the league and the players cancel this year’s season and start over next year. Take the time and work up a plan for next year with contingencies for pandemic or non-pandemic.

    Second option is to go ahead with the season with all possible safeguards in place. Players can opt out or play, whichever they want to do.

    Millionaires and billionaires fighting over money is ridiculous when so many people don’t have a choice to earn money.

  4. They need to get the agreement straight and move on. One way or the other. I know it’s a fluid situation but do it and if things change then change the rules.

  5. He’s maturing and starting to realize a few things as one of the faces of the league.

    First that when he speaks people will listen . Second he is starting to express his opinions honestly even if it upsets the executives in the NFL and NFLPA , it’s refreshing and much better than the old cliche of a star player who touts the company line no matter the situation.

  6. Mandatory face shields or masks! If we have to wear face coverings they have to!

  7. This is inherently what’s wrong with unions and this is coming from a union man. At any point in time the union can get into a tussle with ownership and your wages are what suffers. My company in 15 years has had 2 lockouts and 1 strike costing me thousands in wages. This is why right for work laws are great and give union members the ability to continue to work even if the union cant seem to get its self together. Unions have a way of representing there own self interest rather than the workers it’s quite sad…

  8. Based on his success negotiating agreements this off season, they need to call Brett Veach. He’ll get the league and the union on the same page.

  9. Each day brings us closer to no NFL FOOTBALL in 2020. At times reality can be so cruel.

  10. If they play just 1 game, according to the current CBA, all the players are entitled to their full season of pay….. the owners will cancel the season before they will let that happen…..
    I honestly don’t see professional football happening this year, especially if Covid runs rampant in training camps….

  11. According to the head of the NFLPA, 72 players have already tested positive. How high will that go when rookies report to camp in a week and veterans in two weeks? Very obvious there won’t be a season. Hope I’m wrong, but not optimistic.

  12. As a die hard Chiefs fan since the 60’s, I am praying Mahomes keeps his first couple of years innocence and likability. He does NOT have to comment on every issue. He is an amazing kid, amazing talent and Chiefs nation has been waiting for this kid our whole lives. Stay humble Pat, we love you and just remember that humbleness from the first Denver game in Denver your first year. dont let the money change you, youre our leader now with Andy

  13. He’s said nothing in the way of being a diva or being about the $. Dude has been nothing but class so far. Those of you running your mouths, your the same ones that are so easy to put others down down just because your what….jealous he’s better and makes more $ then the rest of us?

  14. This guy sure is starting to talk a lot. Has he been hanging out with Richard Sherman?

  15. Put them in a bubble and guarantee their contracts for the season. Likewise bring back the taxi squad and expand it and also have a pool of free agents in a bubble too ready to play with guaranteed contracts.

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