Players who test positive for COVID-19 will be paid

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Yes, the NFL and NFL Players Association already have reached an agreement regarding the procedures for dealing with players who test positive for COVID-19. Some have reported that the NFL and NFLPA are haggling over whether players with COVID-19 will be paid.

Per a league source, the players on the COVID-19 list will indeed be paid their normal salaries.

The goal will be to keep the roster strong and to avoid shutting players down for the full season. The broader objective will be to keep the league from collapsing if teams suffer outbreaks that shut them down.

The procedures haven’t been finalized. The league’s owners, who are due to meet tomorrow, quite possibly will vote on the measure then.

UPDATE 9:00 a.m. ET 7/18/20: A prior version of this article explained that players who test positive will be placed on IR for at least three weeks. That’s not the case. The IR procedures will change dramatically for all non-COVID-19 conditions, and players who test positive for COVID-19 will be placed on the Commissioner Exempt list, with no minimum stay.

23 responses to “Players who test positive for COVID-19 will be paid

  1. 3 weeks is too long. They should just take it week to week and I say that when considering what took place with driver Jimmie Johnson when he tested positive on a Friday and by the following Wed he had two negative tests in a row. He missed 1 race. I would think NFL players would want to play as soon as they are negative 2x.

  2. Just like they did for Sam Darnold last year with super-contagious Mono. Season will totally happen.

  3. The season is happening, with billions of dollars at stake there’s no way the owners won’t make it happen. They’re smart enough to make sure they have backup plans for their backup plans for their backup plans!

  4. i actually think this makes sense. They are trying to find ways to save the season. Doesn’t mean they will be successful.

    They should decide up front. No fans period. They could re-consider this mid season but not before.

  5. Between COVID and concussion protocols, they’ll be down to the fans playing offensive line.

    (Wait – no fans in the stands. Never mind.)

  6. Teams with no depth are in for a rude awakening this season.

    See you September 13th!

    Can’t wait!👍


  7. People overestimate the intelligence of the owners. These people aren’t that smart necessarily. Their plans demonstrate this fact.

  8. How do they plan on handling false positives? Some reports claim very high percentages of false results so there could easily be somebody who tests positive and then has conflicting results on follow-up tests.

  9. Three weeks is a ridiculously arbitrary number. We’ve always heard that those who test positive should quarantine for two weeks. You should be out until you get two negative tests. The NFL will regret this when some stars are testing positive.

    Meanwhile, the team that has an outbreak run through the team during training camp will win the Super Bowl because everyone will be immune during the season.

  10. Hope that covid-19 list is unlimited! So what happens with the salary cap? Do their salaries still count against the cap? What if you have to sign 15 new players one week to replace players on the covid list? Do all those new salaries then hit the cap, as well as the players who are on the covid list?

  11. Lol. So the season comes down to “who is lucky to avoid this the most?”

    Just cancel it. Nobody wants football anyways.

  12. The NFL should be giving discounts on tickets given that the quality of football is also going to be severely compromised.

  13. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:

    What is this? Just delay the season until we have a vaccine.
    In the history of the world – we have never been able to produce a vaccine for any of the previous covid strains. And – trust me – big pharma would have totally done so long ago if they could cure the common cold covid strain. So there wont be a vaccine for this virus either.

  14. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    July 16, 2020 at 4:00 pm
    What is this? Just delay the season until we have a vaccine.


    Some posters here have claimed that herd immunity is not possible because a person can become re-infected with COvid19. If that is true, then a vaccine will not work.

  15. Guess that’s why the preseason games were cancelled. No need to have them as the entire season will be full of games as bad as the preseason.

  16. This year, Fantasy Football will consist of fantasizing what it would be like if they actually played this year.

    This sucks. A group of us turned every NFL season into get-togethers, dinners, going to games and Fantasy Football.

    This year, I’ll have to find an actual life.

  17. if the league during the strike could go 3 weeks with just replacement players-and the games all counted=of course missing players because of covid will still have games.

    some teams at the time also made sure they had lined up recent cuts from their teams and some players on teams ‘encouraged and approved’ their back up quarterbacks to break the strike line to make sure they won thier games

  18. This season however long will be a disaster but it will be interesting.

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