Source: One preseason game is the “very likely” outcome

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The NFL wants two 2020 preseason games. The NFL Players Association wants none. The obvious compromise has been hiding in plain sight since the battle lines were drawn.


A league source tells PFT that one preseason game is currently the “very likely” outcome to the negotiations aimed at getting the various rules resolved before camps open. Ideally, the games would consist of minimal travel (e.g., Jets vs. Giants, Chargers vs. Rams, Ravens vs. TBD), with the goal of having all games proceed with no teams flying.

That could become unrealistic for some teams, given their location. Seattle, for example, isn’t within short driving distance of any other NFL city. Denver also is in a football no-man’s land.

Regardless, that’s the direction in which things are pointing as the time for making decisions gets closer and closer.

10 responses to “Source: One preseason game is the “very likely” outcome

  1. I don’t think either team is going to be crazy about a Vikings-Packers preseason game.

  2. Going to be a great season!

    This season will show the teams that have the best overall rosters, coaching staffs, GM’s and heart.

    Whoever wins it all this year is going to go down in history as the franchise that overcame it all to win The Lombardi. That team will be legendary forever.


  3. The preseason game will consist of guys who will never see the playing field after that game

  4. Maybe the opposite of what some of you are predicting…
    Might be that given it will be the ONLY preparatory game coaches will make cuts based on camps and play the preseason game with starters.
    Depends on how early or late the game is played.

  5. Rookies (4th round or lower, pending positional needs) & bubble players are absolutely screwed.

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