Andrew Whitworth learns first hand how “scary” COVID-19 can be

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The NFLPA announced on its website that 72 players had tested positive for COVID-19 as of July 10. It’s unclear how many players have taken COVID-19 tests, but few of the positive players are known.

Rams offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth announced on an NFLPA conference call Friday that he was one.

Whitworth shared his story in hopes of showing how quickly the virus can spread and how it “innocently” can be passed on to older, higher-risk individuals.

“I think for us to really identify when we say you’re going to have to make safe decisions, and you’re going to have to be safe outside the building, we’re talking about things as simple as going to lunch with someone,” Whitworth said. “All it takes is one exposure. That’s the reality. My story is an example of that. We had a family member that simply just went to lunch with a friend as innocent as it can be. A couple of days later we were traveling all together, and she started not feeling well and decided to go get a test. The next thing we know she had it. A couple of days later, my wife and I had it. A couple of days after that, our kids had it. So we were about seven for seven at that point, and unfortunately, we had just visited my wife’s family and were traveling with them as well and her mom and dad both got it.”

Whitworth’s father-in-law needed hospitalization, leaving Whitworth and the rest of the family shaken for a few days.

“We got him home four or five days ago, and he’s home now,” Whitworth said. “We’re very blessed to have him and him be OK. But it was definitely a scary thing and a realization of how contagious this really is. It doesn’t take much, and it can spread like wildfire.

“For us, it affected us personally. It was scary. For our family and our kids, we ended up OK, and everything seemed to go pretty normal, a pretty mild case. But for her parents, it wasn’t that way.”

That’s the reality for everyone saying, “Football players are young and healthy, and they’ll be fine if they catch it.” Without a bubble for the NFL, it’s everyone the player comes in contact.

9 responses to “Andrew Whitworth learns first hand how “scary” COVID-19 can be

  1. So, where are all the football fanatics now?

    No cure
    No treatment
    No vaccine
    no football

  2. Terrific share by Whitworth. We’ve had plenty of stories like these out there, but when it’s people you don’t know at all it can still be easy to accidentally tune out. Many football fans will likely pay more attention when it comes from a known quality player such as Whitworth. If this saves even one life, he’ll have done a tremendous service…and deserves a hat tip no matter what.

  3. I remember a study a few years back that stated based on the basic Body Mass Index just about every lineman in the NFL met the standard of “obese”. Wondering if this “obesity” makes a large portion of the players at higher risk for severe complications if infected?

  4. Whitworth is on the money how fast covid can spread. Lets not forget the friend was infected at a lunch where it could have spread to someone there. Plus all the people they came in contact with while traveling together.

  5. Good info to share with other players. NFL Players and the people under their roof should plan to avoid the immunocompromised for the next 6 months or so. Anyone unable or unwilling to do so can opt out for the season.

    The season is happening, folks. Deal with it.

  6. So, they’re all fine? Yep, that’s the part no one reports. Scary for sure, but they’re all recovered and doing well.

  7. springfield says:
    July 17, 2020 at 4:36 pm
    So, they’re all fine? Yep, that’s the part no one reports. Scary for sure, but they’re all recovered and doing well.
    Yes, the people who recover can report about it. The people who die can’t.

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