Brandon McManus eager to break NFL’s longest field goal record

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Footballs fly farther in Denver than anywhere else in the NFL, as the thin air at altitude provides less resistance. Unsurprisingly, the longest field goal in NFL history, 64 yards, was kicked in Denver by Matt Prater.

Now Broncos kicker Brandon McManus is hoping to break that record, and fans in Denver have a reason to hope he does it as well: McManus has a deal with Bud Light that will result in everyone over 21 in Denver getting a free beer if he kicks a field goal 65 yards or longer.

“I have a big leg, and I’ve always wanted to have my name etched in history,” McManus said on NFL Network, via the Denver Post. “I know I can make that, my teammates know I can make that. In training camp, with live rushes, I’ve made it from 73 yards.”

McManus thought he was about to break the record last season, when coach Vic Fangio sent him out for a 65-yard field goal attempt. But Fangio changed his mind and took the field goal team off the field before letting McManus try to break Prater’s record.

“Even [Prater] texted me after the game and said, ‘I can’t believe they didn’t let you do it,’” McManus said. “I really would like an opportunity to do that.”

8 responses to “Brandon McManus eager to break NFL’s longest field goal record

  1. Realistically, he may never get the opportunity for several reasons:

    1) the low chance that the line of scrimmage would have to be deep enough for the record, but not so deep that his coach thinks his odds of making the kick justify the risk, and;

    2) the game’s conditions would have to be just right to where the coach thinks the minuscule odds of making the kick offset the large difference in field position if they decide to punt the ball, and;

    3) the distance for a first down can’t be close enough to justify going for it.

    I hope he gets the opportunity, though.

  2. Easy to talk smack at mile high…put him in any other stadium and see what he does.

  3. I hope I don’t see it. A team “driving” to their own 45 yard line after getting a touchback they don’t even have to catch resulting in a start at their 25 yard line. So just gain about 20 yards and you can get half a TD compared to your opponent that had to drive all the way into the endzone. Really?

  4. The coach screwed that up. He might as well have come right out and said “I have no confidence in my team’s tacking ability.”

  5. As a Broncos fan, I was livid at Fangio for pulling him off the field. We didn’t have much else to play for at that time, and it was the perfect opportunity to see a record-breaking attempt.

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