CAA suspends fall football, but some schools may try to play

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Yet another Division I college football conference has pulled the plug on the fall season.

The Colonial Athletic Association board of directors announced the suspension of the fall football season, though at least one member may still try to play.

“The institutions of the Colonial Athletic Association recognize that we compete in a conference made up of ten distinctive institutions that are located in eight states,” their statement read. “As one conference, we share a commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of our student-athletes, campuses, and communities. As we each navigate this pandemic, we recognize that each of our ten members must rely on local and state guidance, as well as medical expertise that may result in different decisions and different timelines for each institution. Therefore, we support each other and the unique circumstances of each of our campuses and communities to make decisions that are best for them. We do so as ten institutions aligned as one conference.”

The CAA plays at the FCS level, with 10 members in eight states. Those schools include James Madison, Albany, Villanova, New Hampshire, Towson, Maine, Elon, Richmond, Delaware, William & Mary, Stony Brook, and Rhode Island.

James Madison athletic director Jeff Bourne said the school was looking at “how to rebuild a fall schedule,” while following appropriate medical guidance.

The Ivy League, Patriot League, and the MEAC have also chosen to not play football this fall.

7 responses to “CAA suspends fall football, but some schools may try to play

  1. bigblu says:
    College Football Season coming Jan.2021

    College football season coming September, 2021 — if we’re lucky.

  2. If you can’t have fans in the stands and cannot play the big divisional schools who give you nice payouts there simply is no revenue to cover expenses at these smaller schools. Lots of them just barely cover costs in normal years.

  3. Just so I understand….by eliminating football, these players are now immune to catching the flu? So they will socially isolate themselves from all other students on campus, not attend parties (with all their free time on weekends,THEY WILL), not visit bars (those old enough,OF COURSE), and of course will certainly not try to hook up on the weekends with strangers(YES THEY WILL). You are all so quick to cancel all fall sports knowing these athletes are the top 10% of well conditioned students walking the campus and also some of the most disciplined. They will be tested regularly and will be quarantined versus the average student walking campus not knowing they are infected. The athletes are smart enough to minimize their risks as to not jeopardize their season they have worked very hard to compete in.

    Here’s my idea to all these overpaid Univ. and Conf. administrators that may or may not be doing this with political motivations. Let’s not stop with cancelling sports, let’s CANCEL ALL CAMPUS ACTIVITIES AND CLASSES and put every administrator on non-paid furlough. If you really want to act serious about stopping the flu, do a full and complete shutdown of your campus!!! I will have 3 kids attending college this fall so I speak as someone personally affected. My freshman to-be son will not attend college this year if his football season gets cancelled. We will not waste the time and resources knowing on-campus learning could be yanked at any time in the fall or winter and he will not resort to online courses as his initiation to college. That is a recipe for disaster. So…..shut it all down, no pay to anyone at any level of the Univ. The Conference Commissioners should also forego a salary until there are sports being played.

  4. Absolutely the right decision! We have much higher priorities at the moment, and frankly, as a country, we don’t deserve sports.

    I love football, college football especially, but my need for entertainment certainly does not outweigh the risk of these players getting sick and continuing the spread of COVID19.

    Go Dukes!

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