Dan Snyder promises “a new culture”

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After explosive allegations were made against his team on Thursday afternoon, Dan Snyder released a statement on Friday morning promising changes.

Snyder said he and new head coach Ron Rivera are committed to moving the franchise forward.

“The behavior described in yesterday’s Washington Post article has no place in our franchise or society,” Snyder said. “This story has strengthened my commitment to setting a new culture and standard for our team, a process that began with the hiring of Coach Rivera earlier this year. Beth Wilkinson and her firm are empowered to do a full, unbiased investigation and make any and all requisite recommendations. Upon completion of her work, we will institute new policies and procedures and strengthen our human resources infrastructure to not only avoid these issues in the future but most importantly create a team culture that is respectful and inclusive of all.”

Questions will remain, however, about how all of the incidents could have been happening in the team’s facility — under Snyder’s own roof — without Snyder knowing about them. Snyder will come under continued scrutiny over this story, as he should.

44 responses to “Dan Snyder promises “a new culture”

  1. People will say it about players so they should say it about owners… He isn’t interested in making any changes. His organization got busted so now he is forced to make changes. The statements are meaningless. If he really wanted to change his organization, he would have done so years ago.

  2. Good for Dan. If something needs a change and you fix that issue – what more can you ask for? Unless you are the type of person who wants to tear people down who make positive change. Those type will ask for your head.

    My opinion – positive change is good. Well put Dan. Great article PFT – thank you for sharing a positve angle to the story.

  3. I bet Synder knew nothing because he doesn’t seem like the easiest boss to approach or break bad news to, especially with how bad the team has been for the last 2 decades. I think with the current social changes going on (and the loss of big money sponsors), Synder finally realized its time to hit the reset button and change with the times. For all the mistakes he’s made since buying the team, he’s finally paying attention and that should be appreciated.

  4. The media did itself no favors by hyping this up all week. I wanted this to be the thing that was Snyder’s undoing. When the actual report came out as disgusting as the culture is it was underwhelming considering the rampant speculation going on before the release. Those who hyped this before are partially responsible when Snyder gets a slap on the wrist.

  5. LOL!

    There is NO new culture as long as he’s a part of it! 25 years of the same thing doesn’t prove that?!

    The NFL should force him out; as they did Richardson in Carolina!

  6. He’s always been an inept owner but this is getting ridiculous. He wants a new stadium but his buddy who was working on spearheading that got arrested last year. Now, several of his top-level employees are implicated in a longterm sexual harassment scandal. He let Bruce Allen run the team into the ground for years. (And somehow that scumbag wasn’t even implicated directly in the harassment scandal which is shocking.) And he did himself no favors with his completely reactionary handling of the team name. How many strikes does this guy get before he is out?

  7. Bring in a executive Ron to help you along the way. You already are going to have your hands full when we EVER get to field. There needs to be another person running with all of this off the field stuff but brought in or vetted by you. Not another Danny boy. It’s tight rope being walked by Snyder and he needs help and so will you.

  8. From a competitive standpoint I prefer as few good franchises as possible, we all would want just our team to be well run. As a human being I’m appalled by Dan Snyder and feel he should be forced to sell the team. Fans deserve better, teams belong to us.

  9. Guaranteed this happens in every NFL facility. Maybe not to this degree, but don’t be naive and think it doesn’t happen elsewhere. No excuse for it to happen anywhere.

  10. As part of this new culture is Danny going to stop belittling his subordinates, you know, like ridiculing a male subordinate for being a college cheerleader and then further humiliating the poor guy by making him do a cartwheel at an executive meeting for Danny’s amusement? “Cartwheel peasant!” If Snyder was serious about any of this, the culture would have changed after the team had their cheerleaders photographed topless by fat cat pig suite holders in Costa Rica. It didn’t. As long as Snyder is in charge, the culture will be rotten to the core.

  11. Boo Hoo, Snyder. You deserve to lose that team

    Snyder is just giving lip service to us. His only regret was that he got caught.

  12. Typical boiler-plate PR statement meaning nothing. How about, “Would you care to define what you mean by A New Culture (he won’t because he can’t) and how you intend to implement it? (he has no idea because he doesn’t know what he means, the statement was authored by a press agent. “Just sign off on this Dan, everyone will think you’re serious and engaged”. What crap.

  13. Well, if he really was serious, the first part of that new culture would be Snyder selling his ownership stake in the team.

  14. But Bruce Allen said the culture was already “darn good!”

    The sad thing here is that Ron Rivera does seem like a legitimately classy guy who COULD improve the culture IF GIVEN THE CHANCE.

    Of course, “if ‘if’s’ and ‘but’s” were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas…”

  15. I believe that Dan is trying to take steps to change the Culture. Getting Rid of Bruce Allen and Jay, then bringing in Ron Rivera were good steps.

    While people are saying that Ron is regretting signing with the Washington Team, I dont think so. People who like to work hard, like Ron Rivera, like big challenges. The payoff for Ron is that he will get to implement his structure and values across the entire organization

  16. He needs to sell the team period.

    From what I understand Jerry Richardson had to sell the Panthers because of his own actions regarding sexual harassement in the work place. Snyder has been overseeing bad conduct by multiple individuals and he cant find a rock big enough to hide from that.

  17. July 17, 2020 at 12:38 pm
    Guaranteed this happens in every NFL facility. Maybe not to this degree, but don’t be naive and think it doesn’t happen elsewhere. No excuse for it to happen anywhere.


    Sorry, no. The “it’s like this everywhere, the only difference is that these guys got caught” argument is false and also useless for making change happen.

    Get close to more than one NFL organization and you’ll learn that they are not all created equally and they each prioritize the culture of the franchise differently. Some are better at it than others.

  18. I wonder if the other 31 owners enjoy having him in the club? I mean,he can’t put a winning product on the field , so they must LOVE that. They issue in 2020 though is you have at least 6 female owners and I’m sure they can’t stand him.

  19. “As long as Snyder is in charge, the culture will be rotten to the core.”

    Yep, and he is YOUR team’s owner, and that won’t change, so time for you to own it, LOL!

    Here is to 20 more years of horrible ownership and 4-12 records!


    The rest of the NFC East.

  20. Dan’s not selling the team… all the Haters can zip it. #WashingtonAmericans

  21. Makes you wonder, why he didn’t change the culture, after NY Times exposed the suite holders sales group treating the cheerleaders like escorts to get sales?

  22. All this happened with Dan Snyder as the owner. He is responsible for the lack of HR policies. The only reason that the people named in the report are gone – in the last few weeks – is that they knew this report was coming out and are now in CYA and damage control mode. The best “new culture” possible would be for Dan Snyder to sell his ownership and be gone from the NFL.

  23. Everyone who knows, knows that Dan Snyder endorsed this kind of conduct his entire time as an owner Then again, the NFL is cool with owners hitting shady massage parlors so I guess that’s part of their message to Female NFL fans.

  24. Not-Impressed-At-All says:
    July 17, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    Dan’s not selling the team… all the Haters can zip it. #WashingtonAmericans

    Dan is that you? Outside of you who else could possibly support the dumpster fire that is the Deadskins

  25. “… Upon completion of her work, we will institute new policies and procedures and strengthen our human resources infrastructure to not only avoid these issues in the future”. Blah, blah, blah… because we are you paying you well to do what makes me, Dan Snyder look my best.

  26. buffalobluecollarlunchbucket56 says:
    July 17, 2020 at 5:17 pm
    what does Robert Kraft have to say about this?

    3 2 Rate This


    consensual sex between 2 adults is now on the same
    level of systemic and enabled sexual harrassment destroying people’s careers?

    Seek clinical help!

  27. NFL should of put in ownership rules along time ago. Let somebody with sense own the franchise. The organization has been going to waste for years. Its like the nfc east only has 3 teams in it.

  28. Snyder is to small to see over his own desk so how the hell was he supposed to know what’s going on?

  29. I get it, won’t consider selling because the value of franchise peaked ten years ago, and yet without a new stadium it will only continue to plummet. His minority owners know they are on a sinking ship and can’t find anyone to buy them out.

    Someone needs to make this guy an offer he can’t refuse.

  30. He’s wealthier than everyone posting on here combined. Sounds like group jealousy to me.

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