Jon Robinson: Titans “may or may not” have had recent talks with Jadeveon Clowney

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Titans running back Derrick Henry said on Thursday that he and his teammates would welcome free agent defensive end Jadeveon Clowney with “open arms” if he were to strike a deal with the team, but it remains unclear if anything will come to fruition.

Clowney has been linked to the Titans throughout the offseason and the team has acknowledged communication with him, although it’s always been couched with comments about nothing being imminent. General Manager Jon Robinson said earlier this month that the team would like a chance to see Clowney in person before making any decisions and a Thursday appearance on ESPN offered another chance to discuss the edge defender.

Robinson said, via, that the team “may or may not” have had recent talks with Clowney and that they are “constantly exploring” ways to improve the team. He added that those explorations are impacted by “the uncertainty that looms for the 2021 season and 2022” due to questions about how the salary cap will be impacted by projected revenue losses this year.

Clowney has been one of the top free agents on the open market since March, but questions about his health after core muscle surgery made things difficult during an offseason that saw free agents barred from visiting with teams. Given the time left before the scheduled start of training camp, it doesn’t look like that will change in time for Clowney to land a new job before teams report back to work.

2 responses to “Jon Robinson: Titans “may or may not” have had recent talks with Jadeveon Clowney

  1. How is an excellentg run stuffer a top free agent?
    A #1 WR or good olineman or pass rusher has more impact than he does.
    I’d like to have Clowney, but as a run stuffer, and a salary of 10MM, maybe a smidgen higher.

    I would be willing to give an incentive claue for sacsk and pressures.
    If he produces like Aaron Donald then I’ll pay him.

  2. I’m curious as to why any team would be interested in Clowney. He wants way too much money for way too little production. After agreeing to deals with Tannehill and Henry why would they add another high-priced contract, especially for a guy who is often injured and displays questionable effort. Clowney wants $20M+ per year. In no universe is he worth that much. I can’t believe the Titans are even considering signing that guy.

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