NFL issues statement regarding ownership call

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The NFL conducted a meeting on Friday of ownership. The NFL has issued a statement regarding the meeting, which on close inspection doesn’t state anything new.

“NFL clubs met today via videoconference and received an update on preparations for the 2020 season,” the league said in its statement. “We will continue to implement the health and safety protocols developed jointly with the NFLPA, and based on the advice of leading medical experts, including review by the CDC. We will address additional issues in a cooperative way. All decisions will be made in an effort to put us in position to play a full regular season and postseason culminating with the Super Bowl which is the shared goal of the clubs and the players.”

The statement doesn’t list any of the things on which the NFL and NFLPA currently don’t agree, but there are several lingering points of contention. If agreements can’t be reached, the league would simply implement its proposed rules, and the union would have the ability to challenge via a grievance under the labor deal whether the league is fulfilling its obligation to provide a safe workplace.

The final sentence of the statement seems to be more aspirational than anything the league has previously said about the 2020 season. Before, the league’s resolve to play a full season had a damn-the-torpedoes feel. Now that the torpedoes are heading in the general direction of the hull, the league is bracing for impact — and hoping that the ship doesn’t sink.

8 responses to “NFL issues statement regarding ownership call

  1. We stopped on 9/11, picked up the pieces and finished a season. We stopped for wild fires and moved games and yet finished a season.
    It will all be fine even if choppy waters at times and games moved or even cancelled like a rain out in baseball.
    This is America, pull up your big boy pants and play ball!

  2. Lol comparing 9/11 and wildfires to an invisible, airborne, deadly virus is really childish. Big boy pants? Wow…

  3. Love NFL Football. Love Premier League (English) Football. They’ve been playing games without fans in the stands. It makes no difference in how the games are played. Just as fun to watch, and not seeing fans there means nothing to me. YES, eventually the fans need to be there but these are extraordinary times, and playing without them will not damage the game.

  4. Dangerruss1919, I got your back. I’ve lost three good friends to Covid. I wonder when it is my turn. Things are pretty bad here in AZ, but they’re bad everywhere. Just be safe if you can!

  5. The virus isn’t going away. It’s not like any other natural disaster in our nation’s history. Back in 1918, people were not rebelling over wearing masks, social distancing, and opening businesses in droves via social media. This country has devolved. If the season begins, teams will eventually have to forfeit, if they have several players infected in the locker rooms. How about the head coaches, coordinators, and refs? None of these team sports will last.

  6. I was a redskins fan until 2004. I gave up on them because I saw back then that Daniel Snyder was the worse owner in the league and that they would never be anything again as long as he owned them. I’m so glad I emotionally divested from them. But I’m glad the league is finally seeing Snyder for the low life that he really is.

  7. Dangerruss1919, I got your back. I’ve lost three good friends to Covid. I wonder when it is my turn. Things are pretty bad here in AZ, but they’re bad everywhere. Just be safe if you can!


    Ironic, I too live in AZ. I have yet to know 1, yes 1 single person with Covid. I also up until the Governor required masks didn’t wear a mask once. Keep in mind I’ve dealt with clients on a daily basis since March….literally crickets but the media here is clearly stretching the truth….jmo

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