NFL mum on Washington allegations

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Washington owner Daniel Snyder provided no statement and declined “several” interview requests from the Washington Post in connection with the story of 15 former female employees who allege that they were the victims of sexual harassment while working for the team Snyder owns. Instead, all comments have come from coach Ron Rivera, an employee of the franchise for barely six months.

Snyder isn’t the only one keeping quiet. The NFL has not responded to multiple requests for comment from PFT, and the league has provided no statement of any kind on any issue that, at  a minimum, should trigger scrutiny under the Personal Conduct Policy — and should prompt the league to acknowledge that fact, the same way that it routinely does when a player faces allegations of misconduct.

With owners due to meet virtually on Friday to discuss rules for training camp, there’s a chance the issue will be addressed in that session. There’s also a chance the NFL will monitor fan and media reaction to the story before commenting.

Regardless, silence doesn’t seem to be an appropriate response to a report of allegedly widespread misconduct resulting from apparently gross mismanagement and toxic culture at one of 32 NFL franchises. Hopefully, the NFL’s silence won’t last for long.

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  1. Well, if Snyder speaks, he’s just afraid that whatever he says will be criticized further. One of his lawyers recently stated that he knows the media hates him, so he doesn’t speak to them. It’s juvenile, but that’s his reasoning. He is right, however, that you will indeed find fault with anything he says.

  2. Even if it would only be to make it look like they care, which they don’t, i really Hope the league forces Snyder to sell now.

  3. Before this news came to light Daniel Snyder was already a bottom 3 owner. Congrats Snyder you’re now number one!

    The best thing for the franchise is to find a new owner. My first thought was Bezos, but the location is wrong…
    The Washington team plays in Maryland. The Corporate Office is in Virginia. The team represents D.C.

    What a mess… no wonder they’re disfunctional. Good luck finding a new owner…

  4. Were this a situation in which the organization continuously harassed junior employees on the basis of race, causing the employees trauma and giving them no avenue for relief, the league would immediately act, as well it should. I don’t understand why the league thinks this is any less unacceptable. This situation is equally alarming and appalling.

  5. Maybe the want to wait for all the facts to come out. This was the Washington Post that reported this.

  6. It looks like Ron Rivera walked into a s**t show. I feel for the guy. If I were him, I’d be talking to an attorney right now, figuring out how I could get out of there, with compensation.

  7. I would be staying mum too in their shoes. Staying mum is about the smartest thing they can do with that right now when it only came out yesterday and a lot of dust needs to settle.

  8. Before this I thought Dan Synder was only terrible at football related decisions. Turns out he is a despicable human being.

  9. Washington Allegations? Not a bad choice, but I need to see what the logo looks like first before saying I’m all in.

  10. My first impression is that it is awfully convenient that this comes up right when people are trying to force Washington to change their name.

  11. Ron Rivera may end up being the GM /HC…he has all the leverage under the tent!

  12. Of course they are. As predicted, Goodell is afraid of Snyder. Cover up is underway in some capcity.

    Washington is the 3rd in revenue in fhe NFL.

  13. It’s ridiculous that Goodell’s stance is to let Snyder investigate himself before determining, what, if anything, the league would do.

    A true “independent” investigation would be undertaken by the LEAGUE, not Snyder!

    Snyder’s hiding behind Rivera, Goodell’s hiding under his desk.. this will have the same dramatic ending as EVERYTHING that Goodell mismanages! I can’t wait for the TMZ video!

  14. and at this stage what should they say? As of now it’s just speculation and allegation.

  15. I think the post is angry at the fact that the Snyder got ahead of this with the name change drop and it takes the luster out of the story. I think the post by revealing this would cause a or storm loud enough to get Snyder out of there. The fact he’s already conceded defeat in the name paints him in a reasonable light. After he’s been whipped and about ready to get up you do not kick someone again. The post blew it with the timing of this. This is now going to look like a pile on imo and won’t be enough to change anything. Snyder has already committed to a culture change, the post got heat to the punch.

  16. johnlink00 says:
    July 17, 2020 at 7:38 am
    Washington Allegations? Not a bad choice, but I need to see what the logo looks like first before saying I’m all in.


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