NFL: Washington allegations serious, disturbing and contrary to our values

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Thursday saw the Washington Post publish an article featuring numerous allegations of sexual harassment by members of the Washington organization made by former employees and journalists covering the team

The NFL did not respond to that report on Thursday, but their silence came to an end on Friday morning. The league released a statement about the allegations.

“These matters as reported are serious, disturbing and contrary to the NFL’s values,” the statement said. “Everyone in the NFL has the right to work in an environment free from any and all forms of harassment. Washington has engaged outside counsel to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations. The club has pledged that it will give its full cooperation to the investigator and we expect the club and all employees to do so. We will meet with the attorneys upon the conclusion of their investigation and take any action based on their findings.”

Washington head coach Ron Rivera has commented on the allegations, but team owner Daniel Snyder and the rest of the team’s representatives have been silent.

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  1. The reason you only hear from Ron Rivera because he’s the only member of the front office who can say he knows nothing about the allegations and have people believe him.

    It’s starting to look like Rivera was hired as much for PR reasons as coaching.

    He checks a lot of boxes on the PR front for the team.

  2. NFL values? They only do the right thing when bad things come to light, that is not having values. Only the court of public opinion and the possible loss of revenue matters to them, and that is why the fans hold more power than they think, if only they could agree on things,they would be able to effect some change. Unfortunately fans love to fight over even the most trivial of things. Either way, the NFL has zero sensibility when it comes to values

  3. Ron Rivera has taken a commendable stand, which unfortunately lies at the bottom of the hill Dan Snyder chooses to dump his “dilemma.”

  4. If this was college football, it would be called “lack of institutional control”. The bucks stops with Snyder and he should be held accountable. Imagine if it was a players business and this came out…the player would pay a heavy price, from the league.

  5. Washington will give it’s full cooperation to the investigator that it hired and pays.

    Hey Rog, did you check the PSI on their footballs too?

  6. They did. If they would have come up with something in a heartbeat it would have been a canned response that would be blasted as “blah blah blah”. Besides…before I crafted a response I *might* want to do some follow up.

  7. Take action based on findings by attorneys working for Dan Synder and the team. There it is! The NFL will not conduct and independant investigation.

  8. It’s telling (and foolish) that Snyder hasn’t made a statement. He’s the owner. This is his baby. He is responsible for the environment and culture within the organization. It’s all him. Saying nothing leads to all kinds of speculation.

    Unless you don’t have any issues with what was going on, Dan?

    Even if he didn’t participate, he had to know about his stuff going on. Allowing it to happen when you have the power to stop it is just as bad as participating.

  9. Looks like a billionaire owner of the Washington Post is looking to buy the Washington football club at a fire sale!

  10. I am willing to bet there was more that the paper did not publish yet because their lawyers told them they could not, but could come out later especially if there is litigation.

    Given Snyder’s notorious desire for control, it’s hard to believe he didn’t know about any of this.

    I think divorce lawyers in DC area are having very excited thoughts right now.

  11. Yet again another large monolithic corporation gets to decide how the law operates. This is a job for law enforcement not a bunch of lawyers and Football people!!!!!

  12. Dan Snyder has been a lightning rod for past criticism deserved or not. In the face of these serious allegations we all should be respectful of the process and not jump to conclusions. He will bear his own scrutiny for the work environment in his other businesses. The team action to date seem swift and appropriate with terminations of those accused and an on going investigation. He (Dan Snyder) should however make a strong public statement regardless of possible contrary legal advice. The team represents and is supported by the community. A community that now needs leadership from the owner. A strong public statement making clear his thoughts, feelings and actions with regard to the matter is what is needed. We should be a country that strives for fairness to all in these situations. His silence makes that less likely and impedes the chance to raise this organization to its once high standards. I am not a fan of the team but I am a fan of football and fair play.

  13. Cover up of Snyder’s knowledge predictably now being covered up by Goodell.

    Right again.

  14. What do you expect from an organization in one of the most corrupt regions on the planet?……

  15. The NFL says contrary to value maybe AB Brown serious and disturbing actions seem to be ignored as the NFL sits on its backside. Talk about going after an owner, yet some owners never touched as well as players.

  16. Daniel Snyder is a terrible person. He’s shown you over the years he doesn’t operate with any moral compass because of his resistance to change the team’s racial slur name.Now people are shocked when he’s cultivated and nurtured a toxic,cave man environment inside the teams organization?? Really??

    Look at the team on the field: It’s been the worse ran NFL organization in the NFL since he’s owned the team. If the NFL really cared about it’s image and had any real value system, they’d force him to sell the franchise.

    On the field and off the field, we see who Daniel Snyder is. He’s the worse owner int he NFL easily.

  17. Rivera dealt with the same crap in Carolina for years, he will come out on top….

  18. Methinks a new name is not the biggest problem facing Washington. Time for a new owner.

  19. Ron Rivera is already coach of the year for having to sort out this disturbing situation before be can even field a competitive roster.

  20. It is not a good look to be sure. While not condoning the misconduct, it is hard core reality that this team is built to win it all. And if there is a season, and if everything goes as planned, all will be forgotten when Danny is hoisting the Lombardi, I realistically don’t see anything standing in their way other than the virus.

  21. If these allegations are really “contrary to your values”, then why did they occur for so many years with no action and no accountability for the people named? They are only gone in the recent weeks because they knew this report was coming out and they went into CYA and damage control mode. This way of doing business went on for decades.

  22. Danny Snyder only has one value — gouge his loyal fan base for every last dollar so that this billionaire can get richer and richer.

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