NFLPA: Player safety has to be dealt with before cap issues

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Among the issues that have been discussed by the NFL and the NFL Players Association ahead of training camp has been how to deal with the projected loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that question came up during a conference call with union leadership on Friday.

Word on Thursday was that the league wants to take the financial hit over the next two years rather than stretch it out over the life of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement. The latter position is the one proposed by the union and executive director DeMaurice Smith said Friday that a drastic cut in the size of the salary cap for next season would lead to a slew of players being cut around the league.

The NFLPA isn’t making the economic discussion their top priority at the moment, however. Smith and NFLPA president JC Tretter both said that the issues governing player safety, which include protocols at team facilities and testing frequency, have to be settled before moving onto the cap issues.

Smith said that the union began to receive Infectious Disease Emergency Response from teams on Thursday night and they will be reviewing them to make sure they are in compliance with the protocols discussed with the league. That would be a step toward nailing down the safety issues that would allow other conversations to take center stage.

10 responses to “NFLPA: Player safety has to be dealt with before cap issues

  1. Worried about safety?
    Best way to stay safe is to stay home.
    Give up your salary if you do.

  2. A word to the wise ,,Owners don’t play that first game ,you will have just guaranteed all salaries ,and that’s when the fun will start, I am warning you’d don’t do it !

  3. Way too many people are confusing mitigate and eliminate. The precautions can REDUCE the risk but NEVER eliminate it. If you hear somebody is looking for 100% safety, ignore them because they just are not intelligent enough to see the problem with their own goal/demand.

    as for this: “The NFLPA isn’t making the economic discussion their top priority at the moment”

    Yes they are. Look at their concerns and when they started. Every day there is no agreement the NFLPA case gets stronger for THIS year provided they can get at least one game in the books. The league should come out and say if there is no agreement in place by the start of training camp then there will be no season. That means there would be a fight as to whether the players get paid at all this year. The protocols should have been completed within a couple weeks after the draft. It is not hard to anticipate potential issues and requirements mandated by reactions to the pandemic. They all slow-walked everything and now a relatively simple process has been converted into a crisis that should have been avoided if leadership on both sides were even remotely competent and actually gave a damn about the game and its fans. The union wants to spread the financial damage out over several years because people retire every year. They don’t want current players to absorb their full half of the financial damage. Instead they want new guys that are still in college and high school to take on that burden while many aging veterans retire.

  4. This is getting nauseating. The owners need to just cancel the season before one game is played guaranteeing a lot of contracts for a full seasons pay. Many many people are out working through this and sports has really been deemed expendable.

  5. They players have to budge financially or the owners will shut it down before the season even starts.
    That may not be “fair” for the players, but I can’t see the owners moving forward without a new agreement for this year.

  6. I was going to chime in, but I doubt I could improve on what FinFan68 has already written. Solid and comprehensive insight into what’s really going on here — from both sides of the aisle.

  7. We’re talking about a pandemic here. No one who plays in the NFL can be 100% sure their health will be okay. They are taking a big risk whether they play now, in September or wait until January.

    It appears this virus will be around for quite sometime and we know what will happen. People will let their guard down eventually. It’s human nature.

    Once the NFL gets underway I doubt a week will go by with no positive tests.

    How many positive tests will be acceptable for each team in order to keep playing? To shut it down? That’s the question.

  8. @ FinFan68,

    But what you’re forgetting is that all of these so-called experts at that time claimed that COVID would get burnt out when the hot days of summer came along and what happen? Just the opposite of what they all said would happen so in reality if they’d have had an agreement in place the NFLPA would be fighting to get it changed right now, so I really don’t see where they’d be any farther ahead of the game considering how wrong the “experts” have been about so much of this COVID crisis!

    BTW, the fact is COVID was/is a very new disease and anyone that claimed to be an expert on it was lying through their teeth, no one is an expert on anything in a few short months and anyone who claims they are is just full of themselves and a egomaniac!

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