Ron Rivera: No regrets about taking Washington job

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Ron Rivera walked into an uglier situation than he could have imagined when he took the head coaching job in Washington, but he says he’s still glad he’s the man leading the franchise.

Asked if Thursday’s report of rampant sexual harassment within the organization has led him to reconsider whether he should have taken the job, Rivera insisted that he’s all-in on fixing the franchise’s problems and turning the team around.

“No regrets,” Rivera texted the Charlotte Observer. “I look forward to the challenge of improving a 3-13 team. I want to build a sustainable winning culture, in every facet.”

At the same time, Rivera was taken aback by everything that was documented in Thursday’s Washington Post article.

“I had no idea about this stuff,” Rivera said.

Rivera didn’t make this mess, but he’s going to be a big part of cleaning it up.

41 responses to “Ron Rivera: No regrets about taking Washington job

  1. Why should he have regrets?? He has a talented defense that I’m sure he’ll like and he’s been known to build good cultures. I think he legit looks forward to the challenge

  2. Of course not. People who like to work hard, love big challenges. Good Luck Ron! I wish he was the coach of the Bears.

  3. He is the perfect guy to help the owner turn things around. The players loved him in Carolina and he has seen first hand this unfold in Carolina. So again perfect fit for this situation. Great hire Dan, now listen to the man and maybe you can REALLY turn things around.

  4. How is the head coach supposed to change the culture of the front office? The football side of things sure, but that entire place is out of control.

  5. Regrets? This is a chance of a lifetime. He will get none of the blame and if he is successful he will a legend in the franchise. Also, if any of this current mess sticks to Snyder, Rivera will only gain more power.

  6. It’s too much to ask of one guy. Turning around a 3-13 team is tough enough as a coach. And he signed on to be de facto personnel chief which was a bigger role than he had before.

    Now suddenly also on his plate is the sexual harrassment, the name change, the rapidly declining fan base/attendance, and an owner who has repeatedly shown he’s always going to run someone else out there (Rivera) to try explain it all.

    Rivera can write his own Hall of Fame plaque if he turns this around.

  7. Is this organization in the top 30 in anything? Is it even competent at a single thing? Roster, stadium, attendance, public relations, reputation, all of it. Besides coaching, which remains to be seen, there is hardly a single thing you could name that this organization does better than abysmal.

  8. If anything, this gives him leverage to fix the front office dysfunction.
    Many, Snyder must have been clueless he let so many things get out of control.

  9. How would he have known what was going on. The reason Carolina feel apart is because he didn’t have enough input into the roster. It shouldn’t be “we’ll pick the players and you coach em’ up” it should be “what do you need and how can we help you”. I hope Mr. Snyder understands that Joe Gibbs was a HANDS ON coach and knew what he needed and Jack Kent Cook let him have his way. Oh by the way… look how Joe Gibbs Racing is doing in NASCAR. He’s a leader of men. I hope Rivera is as well in Washington.

  10. He’s a good man. But he’s lying.

    No one in their right mind would want to inherit this with a weak owner who can’t even stand in front of a microphone and take accountability for his 25+ years of sleazy incompetent leadership! Now Rivera has to do that?! No way he’s not talking to his wife about what in hell did he walk into!

  11. “No regrets,” Rivera texted the Charlotte Observer. “I look forward to the challenge of improving a 3-13 team. I want to build a sustainable winning culture, in every facet.”

    Well Carolina decided they didn’t want him to try to improve a 5-11 team so let’s give him an even bigger challenge.

    However, who better than a minority coach to be the new face of a dumpster fire franchise. That’s the best PR move possible in the current circumstances.

  12. Even if he can’t change the culture, at least he can say he changed the team name and logo.

  13. Good luck with turning those perennial losers around, especially when you’ll always have two automatic losses on your schedule every year (when you play the Eagles).

  14. Ron is a good coach. He didn’t know he was going into something like this. Let’s hope he survives longer than Snyder, any proven allegations of sexual misconduct are treated appropriately, any wilful ignorance by the owners is taken into account, and they find a decent name

  15. It is amazing the power he has been granted, head of marketing, head of graphic design, head of PR, head of corporate communications in addition to running the actual football team.

  16. At what he’s getting paid and the fully guaranteed contracts HCs get he better not have any.

    He’s getting paid many millions to clean up Snyder’s mess.

    And good luck to him, he’s gonna need it

  17. Give him time; Rivera will rue the day he took the Redskins job.Just like every other coach who’s taken Snyder’s money.

  18. Ron is class act. The Redskins awfully likely that at this delicate juncture they are lead by a guy with complete integrity and the utmost integrity. After the likes of Bruce Allen, Jay Gruden, Santos, Mann, and Larry, the Skins finally have an adult in the room. He will do great in Washington.

  19. Considering he’s being paid millions to prepare for a season that isn’t going to happen, its not a bad gig

  20. This defense is going to be awesome!!! Get your jokes and critisim in while you can!

  21. Working for Dan Snyder is the worst NFL job and the best, all at the same time. It’s the worst because you’re working for Snyder, and it’s impossible to win. The best because you’re not expected to succeed. Nothing you do in Washington will ever be held against you. But if you can manage to win, something many great coaches couldn’t do here, then you’re special.

  22. rivera really isn’t that good of a coach. his “lifes accolades” wont suffer much.

  23. Thank You Ron, we fans appreciate you being here and choosing the us to work with. The real Washington fans still support OUR team, no matter what they are called. HTTDC.

  24. I like Ron Rivera more and more as we see the stuff he has to deal with. I wish him success, sincerely. Seems like a stand-up guy.

  25. Gutless Rivera hasn’t done anything other than towed the company line since the scandal broke. It must be a job requirement or part of the NDA. Walk away Ron, this ain’t what you signed up for and won’t end well.

  26. Did the reporter clarify what they meant by “regrets” before he answered the question??

  27. He’ll be regretting it soon if he isn’t already. They will be a bad team as long as Snyder is the owner. 100% fact. Just ask the Shanahans…

  28. Always respected Rivera. He sure has some significant job security now as long as Snyder owns the team and there is limited management on the NFL operations side — talk about power consolidation.

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