Chad Kelly claims he’s the second-fastest quarterback in the NFL

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Chad Kelly is a fourth-string quarterback on the Colts, but he claims to be a first-rate runner.

Kelly wrote on Twitter that he’s the second-fastest quarterback in the NFL, second only to Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

“Beside [Jackson], I’m faster than every quarterback in the NFL, race me,” Kelly wrote on Twitter.

Kelly was an effective runner in college, carrying 203 times for 958 yards and 16 touchdowns. But he wasn’t invited to the Scouting Combine in 2017 because he was arrested for a bar fight in college, and he didn’t run the 40 at his Pro Day because he was nursing knee and wrist injuries. So we don’t know just how fast he is.

But if Kelly is really as fast as he says he is, perhaps he should consider changing positions. Through three seasons in the NFL he has appeared in only one game, and then only to kneel down in garbage time. This year he’s unlikely to make the roster on a team that has Philip Rivers starting, Jacoby Brissett backing him up and fourth-round pick Jacob Eason likely to make the team as the third-stringer. Maybe Kelly has a future as a wide receiver.

43 responses to “Chad Kelly claims he’s the second-fastest quarterback in the NFL

  1. Kyler Murray is FAR FAR faster than Kelly is and possess elite quickness with the ability to cut on a dime and is the most elusive QB with the ball in his hands. Murray was the 2nd rookie QB in NFL HISTORY to rush for 500+YDs and throw for 3700+YDs, and only 6 QBs period in league history have ever done that so for Chad freaking Kelly to say he’s the 2nd best/fastest rushing QB in the NFL is hilarious, that’s rich Chad. Dude should try actually getting on the field as a starter starting a game or two before he tries to tell us all how great he is.

  2. He’s also the most likely QB to get arrested.

    He may be fast but some of the best QBs in history were so slow you could time their 40 with a sun-dial.

  3. All joking aside, this poor kid is obviously still mentally ill.

    And it’s also obvious that he has no inner circle for guidance. And Jim Kelly is his uncle.

  4. He should be the fastest he has more experience running from the police then any other quarterback in the Pro’s

  5. Chad Kelly will catch on somewhere, and he’ll surprise the naysayers.

  6. Josh Allen is surprising fast too. Didn’t see that coming from him but as a Dolphins I’m not too worried about it because that big arm he has thankfully doesn’t come with accuracy.

    Stefan Diggs will be begging for a trade again next off season.

  7. My Uncle Frankie is fast too and can beat almost anyone in a race. He challenges anyone all the time, when he’s on family release from St. Elizabeth’s.

  8. It’s too bad there’s not something that can measure time over distance.

  9. So he’s saying he’s faster than Russell Wilson, Day Prescott, Taysom Hill, Kyler Murray and Patrick Mahomes? Show me a 40 time before I can accept it.

  10. Hmmm. You would think that a guy second only to Lamar Jackson in speed might have been able to evade the local police force a time or two.

  11. Tom Brady is trying to win his 7th super bowl. I’ll bet he’s never won a footrace in his life.

  12. Ben Roethlisberger’s 40 time is measured with a calendar. He and many other QBs, including some guy named Brady, have done OK without much speed.

  13. Chad Kelly is physically gifted but mentally deficient. He had the potential to be a top 10 QB, but I doubt he’s in the top 20 in speed.

    Top 2? Get off those meds!

  14. If he is so fast, how come he has never run a 40? He could have set it up if he wanted. The good advice in this story is for him to consider wide receiver. That is his best chance to make it in the NFL. Just call Ron Rivera at the Washington Football Club. They just lost one of their WRs for the season. I can just picture Ron’s to-do list:
    1. Get new Wide Receiver.
    2. Get new team name.
    3. Get new team owner.

  15. buffalobluecollarlunchbucket56>> His Uncle Jim may be slow, but he is a class act. Can’t say that for the nephew.

  16. whenwilliteverend says:
    July 18, 2020 at 10:54 am
    He’s also the most likely QB to get arrested.

    He may be fast but some of the best QBs in history were so slow you could time their 40 with a sun-dial.

    True. Bert Berry once said that Kurt Warner was so slow, that his 40 time was 4-ever.

  17. QB converted to WR. Let’s ask Eric Crouch and Terrelle Pryor how well that works out.

  18. Taysom Hill on the Saints runs at least a 4.4. Lamar Jackson runs a 4.34. He thinks he’s faster than them?? Prove it.

  19. I watched him play several games at Ole Miss. Perhaps not second fastest, but he’d be in the top 5. He’s a hell of a talent. Too bad he hasn’t taken care of the mental/behavioral issues.

  20. computojon says:
    July 18, 2020 at 9:41 pm
    QB converted to WR. Let’s ask Eric Crouch and Terrelle Pryor how well that works out.
    Eric Crouch is worth about 20 mil and Terrell Pryor about 8 mil. I don’t think it worked out too badly for either.

  21. Chad Kelly is kind of a jackass…. he should race ALL of the wide receivers. If the only NFL QB he can’t outrun is Lamar Jackson, then he should be able to beat at least one of the Colts receivers in the 40. Until then, he should just shut up….. but then again, he hasn’t been in any trouble lately, so perhaps he is much faster with no drinking?

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