Ed Orgeron is “almost certain” LSU will play

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At a time when college football seems to be facing a steep uphill climb to play in 2020, the man whose team resides at the top of the sport’s mountain believes it will happen.

“My gut feeling is we’re going to play,” LSU coach Ed Orgeron said, via Marty Smith of ESPN.com. “Whether we start Sept. 5 or a little after that; in-conference, out of conference, that doesn’t bother me. “I do know this: I believe we’re going to play. I’m almost certain we’re going to play.”

Orgeron’s confidence is more rare than it is strong. If anything, the collective sense that college football will happen has waned in recent weeks, as the unchecked spread of the virus coupled with the practical challenges associated with testing unpaid players on a constant basis make it harder to envision the season happening.

Then again, if any conference plays this year, it will be the SEC. The money is too big to not try, even if the players still won’t see a penny of it.

9 responses to “Ed Orgeron is “almost certain” LSU will play

  1. Maybe they can play four games, then have like an NCAA tournament. I’m not thinking it’s going to be a normal season.

  2. They will try to play until they no longer can.

    I feel terrible for these kids who have trained their entire lives for this moment and it is now a whole new ball game.

    Pray for a quick resolution to the covid19 threat.

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