News of DeAndre Hopkins trade had Kyler Murray in disbelief

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One of the most stunning moves of the 2020 offseason happened when news emerged that the Texans had traded receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals. Among those initially in disbelief was Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

I didn’t believe it,” Murray said this week on ESPN, via Dana Scott of the Arizona Republic. “As soon as I was told, I went to YouTube and watched his highlights. Obviously, I know a lot about DeAndre, watching him for years. I didn’t believe it.”

Murray had a chance to not believe it well before everyone else had a chance to not believe it.

“I knew it two weeks before and I still didn’t believe it until they tweeted it and it got announced,” Murray said. “I had a smile from ear to ear. Obviously, getting to work with him a couple weeks ago, great dude, loves to play football and I’m excited to have him.”

Although the Cardinals are stuck in the best division in football, Hopkins gives them an extra boost when it comes to competing with the likes of the Seahawks, 49ers, and Rams.

17 responses to “News of DeAndre Hopkins trade had Kyler Murray in disbelief

  1. He could have come to the 13 time World Champion Green Bay Packers, and won a superbowl with Mr. R. But no. So sad for you.

  2. The race for the NFC West is a 3-team race. Niners, Seahawks and Cardinals.

    The Rams are a hot mess.

  3. Even with Hopkins the Cardinals are going no where . They’ll be at the bottom of their division fighting for air along with the Rams. Murray will always be a slightly above avg quarterback on a below average team.

  4. This and other trades it showed it at the time:…O’Brien is in way over his head!

  5. Yeah, that trade was one of the dumbest trades ever. Hopkins is under contract through 2022 however supposedly one of the reasons O’Brien traded him was because Hopkins wanted a new contract. If he plays out the next two years under his current contract that was a good trade. If he starts pouting about a new deal after this year the Cards may regret trading for him. He’s going to want $20M+ per year in a new deal. I don’t know how you can build a competitive team paying a WR over $20M/year.

  6. Dallas has done well paying cooper 20 million, saints are paying Thomas almost 20 million a year and Julio Jones makes 22 million/yr. Still a great deal for Arizona even if they have to give Hopkins 20 million to keep him happy.

  7. Dwayne Haskins > Kyler Murray. Terrry MacLaren > DeAndre Hopkins. What am I missing here?

  8. Sadly, this won’t make Murray a better QB. He has been particularly average. No apparent intangible that would make him better.

  9. Reality, mostly.

    jurgyisgod says:
    Dwayne Haskins > Kyler Murray. Terrry MacLaren > DeAndre Hopkins. What am I missing here?

  10. I don’t care if Hopkins wants a new deal it’s not a big enough reason to trade him! The fact O’Brien was so fast to cut hair with, imo, the best receiver in the game becaose you didn’t want to deal with the headache. What’s worse, you trade him for a has been rb with a stupid contract and a 2nd round pick you end up giving away for an overpaid brandon cooks! O’Brien needs to be removed from the bulding. They have so many bad contracts on that team now including Watts. If I were Watson I’d have some concessions before I’d sign an extension in Houston. I mean it’s a great city for football and a good fan base but O’Brien’s moves have been horrid. He’s a decent coach but his gm skills are just flat out heads scratching.

  11. David Johnson is no push over…! The guy is an outstanding receiver as a RB and will be a great addition to the Houston team. He just had a few injury issues that got in the way. True, the value may not be comparable from a skill set perspective as Nuk’s reputation has been the best. But let’s not diminish what David can do… Houston maybe pleasantly surprised!!!!

  12. The other unbelievable part of the Hopkins trade was the Cardinals got released from the horrible David Johnson contract, which then allowed them to sign the RB who fit their offense so well.

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