Patriots ticket prices spike after announcement of 20-percent capacity

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Even in a pandemic, supply and demand still applies.

With the Patriots announcing that they’ll have 20-percent capacity at this year’s home games (if permitted to do so by state and local authorities), available tickets on the open market have plummeted — and the prices for those tickets has skyrocketed.

Via NBC Sports Boston, the inventory of available Patriots tickets on the secondary market is down by more than 97 percent. The average price of those tickets has increased by nearly $170, from $424 to $591.

Massachusetts has managed the pandemic well, which presumably will make more people inclined to attend games at Gillette Stadium than in venues in areas of the country where the virus rages unchecked.

7 responses to “Patriots ticket prices spike after announcement of 20-percent capacity

  1. I just don’t understand this country. We’re determined to keep this virus around while the rest of the work begins to move on

  2. Gunna go out on a limb here. If pats canceled all season tickets for 2020 and will sell tickets individually in the future “if” fans are allowed, then what tickets are actually available on secondary market as their is now NO tickets for any games this year as of right now. If secondary markets still are advertising tickets, these are tickets they don’t have

  3. Massachusetts has managed the pandemic well,


    For American standards, which isn’t saying much.

  4. Pats did not cancel all season tickets. Most of us opted out but those who did not still have their tickets for 2020 so those accounts can post their tickets on the secondary market.

  5. Right now in this country we’re more concerned with maintaining the wealth of the billionaires than we are about reining in this virus.
    So much for ‘first things first’.

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