Jason McCourty: Cohesiveness of player messaging key to working things out

Getty Images

A large group of NFL players took to social media on Sunday with pleas for the league to do more to protect the health of players upon their return to work in the next two weeks.

Those posts were connected through the use of #WeWantToPlay and Patriots cornerback Jason McCourty said on the podcast that he hosts with his brother that the united front was important as a way to get the desired safety protocols in place before training camps open around the league.

“To me what was key was the cohesiveness of it all. I think we don’t always do a good job of that as players, using our own platforms to get a message out, and show unity with any given topic,” McCourty said, via the Boston Herald. “It was really good to challenge the league and say, ‘Hey, let’s work this thing out.’ We all know there’s a global pandemic going on, let’s minimize the risk if possible, to make the game as safe as possible . . . I’m looking forward to us hopefully being able to work this thing out, as training camp is rolling around the corner. It’s crunch time.”

The NFL has cut their proposed number of preseason games from two to one as the week gets underway. That comes as Chiefs and Texans rookies are set to report amid a cloud of lingering questions about the full operating procedures for 2020.