NFL, NFLPA agree to daily COVID-19 testing

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The NFL and NFL Players Association have reached agreement on one of the biggest lingering issues regarding the approach to pro football in a pandemic.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL has agreed to conduct daily COVID-19 testing.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that the daily testing will last for a minimum of two weeks, and that it thereafter can be adjusted. (The players won’t want it to be adjusted.)

The players had pushed aggressively for daily testing. The league had wanted to test less frequently, in part because there are questions regarding the utility of daily testing — in part because test results won’t be available for roughly 24 hours.

Still, more testing is better than less testing. As 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman recently told Peter King, the possibility of false positives and false negatives makes it even more important to test over and over again.

It won’t be cheap, but the NFL will foot the bill. As one source explained it to PFT, BioReference Laboratories and the NFL have a general deal for 120 tests per day, with a flat fee divided by the 32 teams. Extra tests are available to each team at a rate of $125 per test.

18 responses to “NFL, NFLPA agree to daily COVID-19 testing

  1. It’s definitely overkill but if it gives the players more peace of mind then sure

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ALL get tested and have results in 24 hours?

  3. Good. And no…it will not take away from any public testing. It’s just like every other employer in the world testing its employees.

  4. Those tests should not be going to the highest bidder. I find it appalling the the NFL wants to push forward with a season as America grapples with a national emergency.

  5. This could get interesting. Someone will test probably positive before a big game, and it will impact playoff seeding or outcomes.

  6. where in the world do they get the number 120 from? 90 players and 30 staff?

  7. I wonder how much the bookies are paying a lab tech to get the results a few hours earlier?

  8. Suppose an outbreak occurs during training camp on multiple teams. . . assuming that would end the discussion of a season?

  9. if a player is infected the day before his first test at the facility, will it show on that test ? if not, is he already able to transmit the virus ?
    if a player is infected since a week, with no symptoms, is it possible he gets a false negative on his first visit to the facility ?
    Did the NFL and NFLPA have had any discussion about starting the daily testing cycle a week or so before the opening of the training camp ?

  10. joshiewashie says:
    July 20, 2020 at 5:20 pm

    Social distance, wear a mask and you won’t need to be tested daily…

    The fact that the NFL is forcing NFL players to break protocol by the CDC and WHO means that daily testing is the absolute LEAST the NFL can do…


    Nobody is “forcing” the players to do anything. If the fear of getting COVID or spreading it to a loved one is a serious concern, the player can opt out of playing this season (without pay), similar to what a few NBA players are doing. Nobody is making them play.

  11. I imagine the daily tests will be “pool tests”. If it comes back positive, only then do they test each person individually. That way they might only only need to do 32 tests per day, until they get a hit.

  12. The league was always going to test every day. They just wanted to let the players feel like they won something.

  13. 480,000 per day 3,360,000 a week around 67,000,000 for a 20 week season including some bye weeks and schedule changes

  14. Im not a Dr. or a Scientist, but I read all the steps the NFL is taking and each step seems to have three more unanswered question. I just don’t see how they are going to be able to pull this off.

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