Peyton Manning on empty stadiums: Ask somebody on the Chargers

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Peyton Manning took a little shot at the Chargers when asked about pro sports being played in empty buildings.

Manning was asked to address the Denver Nuggets over video conference, and one player asked him how he’d prepare for playing in an arena without fans, which the Nuggets will do when the NBA resumes play in its “bubble” in Orlando. Manning responded with a joke about the Chargers so often having so few fans in their stadium.

“He was like, ‘I’m just not the one to answer that question,’” Nuggets player Mason Plumlee told the Denver Post of the team’s meeting with Manning. “’You’d probably have to ask somebody with the Chargers or one of these other teams.’ . . . It was like talking to somebody in the locker room, which was really cool.”

This year the Chargers may have no choice but to play in empty stadiums, in which case they’ll feel right at home.

11 responses to “Peyton Manning on empty stadiums: Ask somebody on the Chargers

  1. The problem for the Chargers hasn’t been a lack of fans at home games, it’s been the lack of Charger fans.

  2. ‘Chargers fans will be pissed off. All 3 of them.’

    I resent that accusation. There are dozens of us – DOZENS!

  3. They left their fans in San Diego, they’re going back sooner than later.

  4. I personally think they can have a full season just fine, such as NASCAR. Jimmie Johnson gets covid, is out a week and comes right back which will happen in the NFL. That’s the reality people will need to learn how to deal with. MY issue is: is it even worth it? When you watch college football, and in particular in SEC game – 70 percent of the experience is the ambience. 120k people, the all day tailgating (and drinking,) the roar you hear all game through the TV when watching Alabama/LSU etc. All of that -gone. Straight bizarro world. No emotion and no like…pageantry. Just sounds really awful and miserable and we’re going to find out that it’s the fans that make the game

  5. Doesn’t seem like a shot so much as it just seems like a thoughtful answer to the question.

  6. I pray the NFL will have at least one week without fans. I think that would be completely fascinating to see an NFL game where we can hear the coaches and players yelling or talking to each other during and between plays. Trash talk, defenders calling out to others who to look out for, etc.

  7. Well, with the talk of the NFL strongly considering to pipe in fake crowd noise, there is no doubt that Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, feels like a futurist having done so years ago when it wasn’t so popular an idea.

    Seriously though, the no fans allowed will probably hurt the Raiders more than other teams, because the Raiders have bank loans to pay back. And if season ticket money + PSL money has to be returned to the customers (especially for those in the lucrative front 8 rows of seats), the Raiders are probably not finishing the year in the black.

    The Chargers could care less about no fan revenue, because they don’t have to pay 10 cents in rent to the Rams for their use of the new Inglewood stadium. The Raiders were in over their heads in debt (co-signed by the NFL/Jerry Jones to even qualify for the loans) before COVID, and they are really going to be in a bad spot with limited/no fans and the significant money that has to be refunded. And, the possible permanent loss of many fans who, due to their medical situations, probably won’t justify being in a stadium or flying into Las Vegas on an airplane and risk getting sick.

    If 2021 is another COVID year, Jerry Jones is going to have to co-sign on another Raiders loan.

  8. Insert your own joke here about Peyton/Colts and crowd noise. Sometimes the jokes are so easy they write themselves.

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