Report: Monday “maybe too soon” for NFL, NFLPA deal on health, safety issues

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Rookies for the Chiefs and Texans are taking COVID-19 tests on Monday to complete the first step of the process for reporting to training camp and rookies from other teams are set to do the same in the coming days, but the full rules governing the return to work remain unfinished.

The NFL and NFL Players Association have been talking about a number outstanding issues that include testing frequency, opt-out procedures, the number of preseason games, revenue losses and the overall structure of training camp. Word at the end of last week was that there’s been some progress, but the flood of messages from players on Sunday made it clear that there’s still some distance to cover before there’s an agreement.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that progress continues to be made on health and safety issues, but that Monday is “maybe too soon” for the two sides to bridge the remaining gap.

The NFLPA has said that the league controls the start date of camp and that players should report as scheduled. The union can file a grievance if they believe the safety issues have not been properly addressed when camps start next week.

13 responses to “Report: Monday “maybe too soon” for NFL, NFLPA deal on health, safety issues

  1. “The union can file a grievance if they believe the safety issues have not been properly addressed when camps start next week”

    So walk straight into the eye of the storm, get the virus, maybe end up on a ventilator or die while waiting a few weeks to a month for the grievance to be heard.

  2. The NFL cannot begin to address its health and safety issues without first abandoning the ridiculous idea that this season will somehow proceed as normal. The fact that they continue to try to float this idea is, frankly, insulting. And most people who are actually concious know this. The virus is not going to make a special dispensation for professional sports. And the idea that professional athletes should be tested 18 times a day while the general public cannot be tested is, just, well, you figure it out.

  3. The NFLPA has leverage but only because the league will not use theirs unless absolutely necessary. I think the league should have a drop dead date/time to where the process must be complete and an agreement is made, signed and reported. Once that time passes there will be no season and no mind-changing on the part of either side to change it.

  4. It’s like watching the same bad movie every day, just get to the ending one way or the other!

  5. Newsflash. If they play one game every player gets paid for the full season. Not happening.

  6. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if, instead of taking an adversarial approach and trading barbs in the media and on twitter, both sides actually sat on the same side of the table and worked in partnership to find the optimal outcome? Both sides want a season–so sick of this lack of trust in the proceedings.

  7. Funny.

    Anyone else have plenty of time over the past, say, FIVE MONTHS, to figure some things out at home?

    This should not even have to come down to a tight deadline. They’ve been waiting for this to miraculously disappear before the season started, and they couldn’t formulate a comprehensive plan B, plan C, and plan D in five months?

  8. This is just silly.

    We can watch Canadian League Football or something where players aren’t risking their lives, their family’s lives, our lives for a few hours of entertainment per week.

    Does anyone really want to argue that health care resources should be used up for the NFL? “Sorry, Grandma, you’re gonna die because I just had to watch Dallas go 9-7 again”

  9. Cancel the season! Then take the next year to work out a sincere, viable plan based on there being a pandemic that is agreeable to both sides. It is ridiculous that grown men act like little boys in a sand box struggle. Despite what everyone says this is about money and nothing more, by both sides.

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