Sean McVay thinks the opening of training camp may be delayed

Getty Images

Football is coming soon. Unless it isn’t.

Rams coach Sean McVay explains in a podcast appearance with Dan Hellie that McVay senses that training camps won’t begin as scheduled, on July 28.

“Something about it tells me that maybe there’s a chance that things get moved back,” McVay said. “We’re gonna have a great plan. Whether we get a chance to execute that plan now or a little bit later remains to be seen. But I am confident we’ll have a season. We’ll be able to play football. Whether or not it goes exactly on the schedule that we’ve all seen, that’s something I’m a little skeptical of right now.”

It’s an interesting perspective. But it’s a slightly risky mindset. If McVay is wrong and if things get rolling as scheduled, he’ll need to get everyone moving immediately to implement that plan for 2020, at a time when some of the people on whom McVay will be relying could be caught napping if things do indeed start exactly when they’re supposed to start.

Regardless, answers will be coming soon, because key dates are looming. And with the NFL by all appearances determined to start the season as scheduled on September 10, it’s hard to imagine the league welcoming any delays when it comes to timetable for opening camp.