Tyreek Hill on Chiefs extensions: Team understands right now is our time

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Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill has set a big goal for himself for the 2020 season and he’s also thinking big on the team front.

Hill watched the Chiefs sign quarterback Patrick Mahomes through the 2031 season early this month and then saw defensive tackle Chris Jones beat last week’s deadline by signing a four-year deal with the team. Those moves capped an offseason that saw the Super Bowl LIV champs hold onto almost all of their key players from last season and have Hill thinking about an extended run of success.

“I’m proud of just the Chiefs in general for getting all these deals done, man,” Hill said, via TMZ. “‘Cause they understand right now is our time, like this is our window to be great, for us to build that dynasty and I’m just happy to be along with them.”

Notions of a dynasty also popped up in comments from Mahomes and Jones after they signed their new contracts and a strong start to the 2020 season would likely have plenty of others thinking that last season’s title was just the start for Kansas City.

4 responses to “Tyreek Hill on Chiefs extensions: Team understands right now is our time

  1. Steps to getting a “dynasty”…

    Step 1, get to the playoffs. Check 2016/2017/2018/2019
    Step 2, win a playoff game, Check 2018/2019
    Step 3, get to the AFC championship game, Check 2018/2019
    Step 4, get to the Super Bowl, Check 2019
    Step 5, win the Super Bowl, Check 2019.
    Step steps 1-5 at least 4 times within 10 years.

    The Chiefs started the process, and no team but the Pats have done it in the last 30 years, but they’re on track. And so are the Ravens/49’ers and Packers with them all getting to the championship games. Of the 4 I don’t see the Pack getting there again this year but all 4 should get the benefit of the doubt until they’re out.

  2. Lots of dynasty talk coming out of the KC locker room. Confidence is a good thing, over confidence is not.

  3. YES. The Chiefs have handled this crazy off season like the Champs we are. Go CHiefs.

  4. Really hate all the dynasty talk. I would love a dynasty, but I’m working under the influence of a lifetimes worth of failed Chiefs football, never reaching the top until this year. I wish I had half the confidence in life these guys seem to have regarding multiple championships.

    Love my chiefs, but in the words of Kendrick Lamar, “sit down, be humble”

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