Cam Newton joins PETA campaign to promote vegan diets

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Patriots quarterback Cam Newton is a vegan, and he’s encouraging others to join him in eschewing animal products.

Newton has made a video for a campaign promoting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which promotes a diet completely free of meat, dairy, eggs and other foods that come from animals.

“I’ve seen such a remarkable change in the way my body responds to the way that I eat,” Newton said. “I don’t want people to think you can’t love food being vegan, or that there’s not good tasting food that’s vegan. That’s completely false.”

Former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has promoted his own TB12 diet, which is predominantly plant-based but does include some meat. Newton is going even further, and urging people to join him in avoiding animal-based foods altogether. He says it’s making him healthier — which would be good news for the Patriots, who are hoping to see him make it through a 16-game season after he played just two games last year.

14 responses to “Cam Newton joins PETA campaign to promote vegan diets

  1. Bad idea Cammy. Arian Foster and Trent Williams both went vegan and it was injuries galore.

  2. Keep your vegan, I’ll stick with what has gotten me to almost 70 years old. A mix of meat, vegetables and grains.

  3. Another reason to find him worthless. Washington’s OL went vegan for several years and they ended up getting hurt and couldn’t block. There is something to the pathetic athletic performance of vegans.

  4. guess enough time has passed since he got booted from yogurt sponsorship for making insenistive remarks about women…or maybe peta dosen’t care…

  5. The idea that you have to eat meat to be healthy or build muscle is bunk. Generally speaking, the meat you eat was part of an animal which ate (or should have eaten) only plants. So, clearly they were able to build muscle from eating plants. You can google elite vegan athletes to see the top athletes in all kinds of sports that eat a purely plant based diet.

    As an experiment, I gave up meat (went vegetarian, not vegan) about five months ago, and I find it interesting that I don’t crave it, and not only that – it tastes kind of like cardboard to me now. Most of the flavor and texture in the food we eat comes from the plants.

    I think our bodies evolved to consume and digest a diet mostly composed of plants. We don’t have sharp teeth for cutting meat. If we try to survive on meat alone, we will get very sick. But, we can thrive on a varied diet of plants.

  6. I am mostly vegetarian but I eat meat once a week.
    I do belive in policies that are effective in the long term, such as don’t run up credit card bills or go into debt. Thus I believe in sustainable agriculture.
    People eat too much meat. The food we eat is dirtier than it should be.

    Having said that, I am not a Vegan, have no interest in becoming one, and some of them try to force their views on others.

    Cam Newton is teh last person I’d listen to on anything.

  7. If man was supposed to eat only fruits and veggies, he wouldn’t have evolved from clubs to spears to arrows to guns. . . . .

    Having said that, it is wise for professional athletes to eat healthy. The protein derived from the right meats, particularly for athletes, is healthy.

  8. Why are people so offended by vegans? (Excepting militant vegans of course) They have to state their own diet choices and suddenly become nutrition experts.

    It’s more meat for you brah, be happy.

  9. Why in the world do so many people care so much about the choices other people make, especially when it has no bearing on them?

  10. Good for him! I’m no athlete but I’ve been vegan for more than 27 years. I feel especially good knowing that my food choices don’t harm animals or degrade the environment.

  11. He’s so stinking cute. I love him more now that he’s vegan and supports PETA and animals.

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