David Njoku: I love Cleveland with all my heart

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Browns tight end David Njoku requested a trade earlier this month and said that he’d like to move on before the start of training camp.

We’re a week away from that start date and there’s been no sign of movement toward a deal that would put him on another team by then. Whether or not that changes, Njoku took some time on Monday to make sure that Cleveland knows he has warm feelings about his time in the city.

“I want to make something very clear,” Njoku wrote on Twitter. “I love the city of Cleveland with all my heart. This game is filled with a lot of complications but don’t think for a second that I don’t love and appreciate Cleveland and all that it has done for me.”

The Browns signed Austin Hooper as a free agent this offseason, but head coach Kevin Stefanski’s offenses have featured plenty of work for tight ends. We should know for sure if Njoku is going to be one of them in 2020 in the near future.

13 responses to “David Njoku: I love Cleveland with all my heart

  1. Njoku sucks.
    He knows that he caused a PR nightmare for HIMSELF.
    Now he’s backtracking because no team wants to trade for a player who bashes his own city.

  2. He has really incredible athleticism for a human his size, but a TE2 needs to primarily be able to a) block and b) catch, which are weaknesses of his. If he stays, don’t be surprised if rookie Harrison Bryant beats him out for the TE2 role, as he has shown the ability to do those things.

  3. I dont see the Browns granting his agents wish. They will give it a year and see if this kid is capable of turning all of his athletic ability into a productive player. If he cannot do that then he will become FA and find a sucker to give him the $$$$

  4. He wants out because he knows he’s going to be cut. All those other guys are better than him and he’s hoping to still get a fat paycheck and mail it in. They should cut him the day before the first game. Then good luck catching a spot on another team. But, he’ll get his wish to get out of Cleveland and will be able to go to any team that wants him….if any do.

  5. Translation…..Andrew Berry told us “no”, so we are doing damage control. In his defense, I don’t think he or his agent ever slammed the city of Cleveland. I think that the biggest issue here is that he does not think he’ll be highlighted enough as the #2 TE to get that big(ger) contract.

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