Devonta Freeman hires new agent, wants to sign in “immediate future”

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Running back Devonta Freeman remains a free agent, 126 days after the Falcons released him. It’s not like he hasn’t had an offer.

He turned down the same deal Carlos Hyde took from the Seahawks, a one-year contract worth up to $4 million.

Freeman since has threatened to sit out the 2020 season, and his agent terminated their relationship.

But Freeman now wants to play and has hired a new agent to help him find a job.

“We want to work out a deal in the immediate future, and we are open to any team,” Drew Rosenhaus told Adam Schefter of ESPN. “He’s healthy. He’s in shape, and I’m on a mission to have him give a team a lift in late July.”

Freeman, 28, has not played a full, 16-game season since 2016 when he had his last 1,000-yard rushing season and made his last Pro Bowl. In 14 games last season, Freeman averaged a career-low 3.6 yards on 184 rushing attempts and a career-low 4.4 yards on 243 touches.

6 responses to “Devonta Freeman hires new agent, wants to sign in “immediate future”

  1. Just another delusionary NFL player that turned down a $4M contract and now realizes no one wants him. Let me go out on a limb and say that McDonalds wants you.

  2. Why did he price himself out? Any team. Even a crap team at the end of your career?

  3. He is like “Wait, property tax is how much!?! Oh yeah, I’m playing this year!”

  4. Bank account must be getting low. Could it be he finally understands the market for running backs is not as lucrative as he imagined. He is not an elite running back, too inconsistent and injury prone. With the uncertainty of this season and the amount of the 2021 Salary Cap, he missed his opportunity to secure a job beyond one season at a greatly discounted price.

  5. Yet another RB thinking they have more leverage than they do. Ask Melvin Gordon how that worked out for him. At least until the Broncos gave him ridiculous money for a player and position we didn’t need to. Typical.

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