Max Unger drops 60 pounds, says weight loss is top priority for retired linemen

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Former Saints and Seahawks center Max Unger says he has lost 60 pounds in the 18 months since he last played, and he says that has to be the priority for a retired offensive lineman.

Unger says he’s now down to “240ish” after he was listed at 305 in his career.

Weight loss was the first priority,” Unger said, via “It was a good thing to focus on right out of the gate. It’s another thing to obsess over. It’s kind of an easy transition.”

Unger said playing on the offensive line isn’t a particularly healthy lifestyle.

“You start playing offensive line in the NFL past the age of 30, it’s going to be tough,” Unger said. “Towards the end of my career, it was time to call it quits. It felt like my body was almost to the end of being able to do it. It was time. I’m feeling better.”

It’s tough to play on the offensive line in the NFL these days if you don’t weigh more than 300 pounds, but it’s also tough to live a long and healthy life after retiring if you do weigh more than 300 pounds. Unger is like a lot of linemen in prioritizing weight loss when he walks away.

7 responses to “Max Unger drops 60 pounds, says weight loss is top priority for retired linemen

  1. 3 people beat me to it. Not only is he smart, he probably will add years to his life. I got out of the Navy in 1963 and was 185. Today I weigh 185 and keeping the pounds off is why I’m still here waiting for the Dolphins to go to another Super Bowl with out buying a ticket. Bill

  2. Nick Hardwick of the Chargers dropped 85 pounds when he retired a few years back and said the amount of eating required to hold his weight around 300 while playing was insane. A half dozen 700-calorie protein shakes a day including waking up in the middle night just to have one, 1,000 calories of ice cream every night before bed, 5 eggs and sausage every breakfast…

  3. good for Unger, modern football has forced Olinemen to become Jumbos of unnatural size. The amount of food ive seen olinemen crush is truly astounding

  4. When center Matt Birk retired, he dropped a ton of weight and looked like a body builder. I hardly recognized him.

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