Packers agree to deal with Josiah Deguara to wrap up draft class

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The Packers are done signing their 2020 draft picks.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that third-round tight end Josiah Deguara has agreed to a four-year deal with the team. He was the only remaining unsigned member of the nine-player class.

Deguara caught 92 passes for 1,117 yards and 12 touchdowns over his four years at the University of Cincinnati. The 92 catches are a school record for tight ends.

Receiving ability wasn’t all that caught the Packers’ eye when they scouted Deguara. Head coach Matt LaFleur showed film of Deguara chasing down a UCLA defender to make a tackle following an interception to illustrate the kind of effort that he’s looking for from his players.

With the contract out of the way, Deguara is now officially one of LaFleur’s players.

5 responses to “Packers agree to deal with Josiah Deguara to wrap up draft class

  1. So let me get this straight…1st Round Pick on a Qb we didnt need. 2nd Round Pick on a RB we didnt need. 3rd Round Pick on a TE thats not a receiving threat, but excels at trying really hard at something he doesnt need to do. Boy, My Packers will be looking very different in two years, and i’m not excited about it.

  2. PFTCommenter, I realize you’re not pleased with this season’s draft class, but despite so many fan bases and pundits leveling grades, there are simply no winners or losers in the summer months following April.
    Draft classes can’t be truly assessed until years down the road.
    Please, try and keep an open mind.

    #1. The absolute worst time to seek out a starting QB is when you actually need one.
    While the Love pick is no guarantee of a successful succession plan, it’s better to begin the search too early than to be left with no options at all.
    Or the wrong option altogether.

    #2. Say what you want about the AJ Dillon pick, but this is a player who’ll contribute on the field from day one.
    I’m anxious to see a backfield that has a couple of different types of threats that hopefully will give defenses fits.
    Not to mention, the only other RB under contract for next season right now is Dexter Williams.
    With no guarantee that you can keep Aaron Jones for a reasonable number, getting another back in this draft was an obvious decision.

    #3. TE was another need that was pointed out pre-draft.
    Deguara can catch, but he’s also going to be called on to do a number of things, some of the real dirty work in this offense, including H-Back.
    He should improve our rushing attack, as well as pass protection.
    Though I felt he was a bit of a reach in the 3rd round, there’s a reason Gutenkunst and LaFleur targeted him.

    Whether this team looks remarkably different in two years from now remains to be seen, but teams are constantly in flux in today’s NFL.
    I’m glad GB is planning ahead for their future.

  3. This guy is an unheralded difference-maker. He’s a terrific addition to this team. The defense may be fingers-crossed, but the offense should be kick-butt.

    Having said that, I think they should cancel the season.

  4. Stellar performance is right…. they are opening up a can or worms they will never be able to close…do the right thing and cancel the season!

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