Arsenal fans fly anti-Stan Kroenke banner

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Rams owner Stan Kroenke also owns Arsenal of the Premier League. Some Arsenal fans wish he didn’t.

Via Sports Business Journal, a group of Arsenal supporters paid for a banner that flew over Tuesday’s match between Arsenal and Aston Villa. A fan raised 1,750 pounds ($2,230) via a crowdfunding site.

The message said “Back Arteta Kroenke Out,” a reference to concerns from Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta regarding the team’s budget for the upcoming transfer window.

“You can see how [Liverpool] build their squad and there is no magic, you need to improve the squad with quality, quality players,” Arteta said recently on Sky Sports. “It’s a massive job. You only have to look at the difference between the two teams — it’s enormous.”

The 2019-20 Premier League season ended today. The 2020-21 season is due to being in September.

4 responses to “Arsenal fans fly anti-Stan Kroenke banner

  1. whatever happened to playing for the love of the game? im no marcus allen but i would proudly suit up for free and get respectable numbers if you gave me a decent line and a strong fullback

  2. The season actually ends on Championship Sunday this weekend. It’s a lot like an over energetic Week 17 of the NFL season. Some of the most valuable matchups- from a club monetary perspective- involve teams at the bottom of the table to stay up or be relegated.

  3. I enjoy studying the economics of sports, but I’m admittedly clueless on English footie finances.

    Google says over the past 5 years combined, the three highest spending teams on transfers have been Manchester City ($735M), its rival Manchester United ($592M), and then the Arsenal ($330M). The other seventeen teams have combined for about $2.5B (average of $150M) over the same span.

    So, they’re not the Yankees, they’re more like the SF Giants. Fans should quit acting like they’re the Pirates.

  4. @murphyslaw40

    That’s not correct. Liverpool spent about 500M the last 5 years, Chelsea 700M and so on.

    Besides, Arsenal used to be a club like the Dodgers or Yankees.

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