Report: Seahawks want to re-sign Josh Gordon if league reinstates him

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Josh Gordon has gotten chance after chance after chance to return to the NFL. If the NFL reinstates Gordon again, he will have a suitor waiting for him.

John Clayton of ESPN 710 reports the Seahawks will try to re-sign Gordon when commissioner Roger Goodell makes a decision on Gordon’s future, which is expected in the next week or two.

Gordon, 29, filed for reinstatement a month ago.

The NFL indefinitely suspended Gordon last December, the fifth time he has served a suspension.

Gordon played six games for the Patriots and five for the Seahawks last season before violating both the substance abuse and performance-enhancing drug policies. He made 27 catches for 426 yards and a touchdown in 11 games last season.

The Seahawks have a strong receiver corps with Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, David Moore and free agent pickup Phillip Dorsett II, but the team enjoyed its brief time with Gordon.

9 responses to “Report: Seahawks want to re-sign Josh Gordon if league reinstates him

  1. Yeah it seems he can still play the game. He screwed up so many times they could get him on cheap deal. Having been someone who isn’t close to perfect when it comes to making the most of my chances I don’t have a problem with giving him another shot. There is a reason the Hawks are doing it, He’s worth the effort.

  2. The dude can still play, yes he has an addiction problem. But unlike Foster, AB, Aldon Smith, or any other player that has had multiple infractions with personal conduct/substance abuse Josh Gordon has never (correct me if I’m wrong please) hurt anyone. He does his thing and goes on about this merry way. As long as he’s not taking Steroids, or PEDs to get back to his elite athleticism level, I could care less if he’s smoking a bit/lot.

  3. I feel bad for the dude. Battling mental health issues and addictions is nothing to joke about. But how many chances should one person get? He’s a great talent but I don’t understand how he gets chance after chance after chance. I hope nothing but the best for him.

  4. AB, Gordon, Lockett, and DK… And Pete Carroll will still insist on a boring offense running the ball and handcuffing Wilson until Wilson needs to bail him out in the 4th quarter.

  5. Man the Seahawks are desperate to try and build up their offense as much as possible given how terrible their defense looks heading into 2020. The Hawks D-Line is ranked as the leagues worst, they have no one who can rush the passer with any consistentcy and they lack a true #1 pass rusher. They are going to really struggle all year to get any pressure on the opposing QB which in turn will put a TON of pressure on their cornerbacks, who aren’t very good as things stand w/ Dunbar set to be suspended. I dont see Josh Gordon helping the Hawks out much, he’s unreliable and it’s just a matter of time until he gets popped using drugs again mid season because that’s what drug addicts do, they use drugs. They signed Greg Olsen to but he is running on fumes with nothing left in the gas tank. This move just reeks of desperation, a clearly declining team doing anything they can to try and stay relevant in a division where their divisional rivals are passing them by. 2020 will be a race between SF & AZ for the NFC-W title.

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