Report: Woody Johnson made “sexist, racist” comments as ambassador to Britain

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The first headline regarding Jets owner Woody Johnson came from the New York Times. The second headline, a far more troubling one from Johnson’s perspective, comes from CNN.

According to CNN, the U.S. ambassador to Britain since August 2017 “made racist generalizations about Black men and questioned why the Black community celebrates Black History Month.” The report cites “three sources and a diplomat familiar with the complaints to the State Department inspector general.”

“He’s said some pretty sexist, racist” things, the unnamed diplomat with knowledge of complaints made about Johnson to the inspector general told CNN.

Regarding a 2018 event for Black History Month, Johnson reportedly “appeared agitated and asked if the audience would be ‘a whole bunch of Black people.'” Three unnamed sources told CNN that Johnson “argued that Black fathers didn’t remain with their families and that was the ‘real challenge.'” One source told CNN that an official who heard the comments was “stunned,” and that the incident was documented and reported.

Another source said Johnson’s comments about women’s looks have been “cringeworthy,” and that “it was a struggle to get him on board for an event for International Women’s Day,” with Johnson asking why he had to do a “feminist event.”

The Times article included this sentence: “There have been complaints that he complimented the appearances of female employees during staff meetings, and after interviewing a candidate [for] deputy chief of mission, he asked a colleague whether she was Jewish.”

Said the NFL in an email to PFT seeking comment: “We are aware of the report and would refer you to the State Department.” A State Department spokesperson told CNN that Johnson is “a valued member of the team who has led Mission UK honorably and professionally,” and that “[w]e stand by Ambassador Johnson and look forward to him continuing to ensure our special relationship with the UK is strong.”

There have been no reports or allegations of inappropriate comments or other behavior from Johnson in his capacity as the Jets’ owner.

44 responses to “Report: Woody Johnson made “sexist, racist” comments as ambassador to Britain

  1. Guess he’s going to be forced to sell the team…

    Hope someone from St. Louis buys them and relocates them.

  2. How do owners of professional sports teams with predominantly black athletes hold such racist views? He worked with Todd Bowles, Herm Edwards, Darrell Revis, Damian Woody and others that exhibited fine character and were high achievers. I have to wonder what those men think of Johnson’s comments. Wood is no Marge Schott but he’s obtuse at best.

    It’s time to brink African American ownership to a representative number of NFL franchises.

  3. And New Yorkers and Jets management wondered why Belichick didn’t want to work for Johnson.

  4. Good luck at your next team meeting telling all the players how you support the BLM cause

  5. The NFL is really trying to get Jeff Bezos a team aren’t they? Let’s play oust an owner!

  6. So he’s as good at being an ambassador as he was at being an owner? Must be great being born rich.

  7. What a pathetic disgusting lout. With guys like Johnson, Snyder, and Kraft, the league has no business freaking out when the Josh Gordons of the world smoke a little weed.

  8. Glad the current reckoning is going all the way up to NFL owners. It’s time for the Johnsons, Richardsons, and all the other good old boys to get put out to pasture.

    As a Jets fan, my biggest hope is that he’s forced to sell and Curtis Martin can be the face of the next ownership group,

  9. So what is the NFL going to do about this? The Panthers’ owner had to sell his team, are the same rules going to be applied to this guy? I’m getting so sick of all this sexist, racist bigoted crap, we humans need to evolve already. It’s not about race, people! It’s about class and while we constantly tear at each other, the rich are getting richer while the American dream fades away.

  10. Can’t imagine an old-ass white dude named “Woody” would make remarks like this. Shocking.

  11. The NFL is really trying to get Jeff Bezos a team aren’t they? Let’s play oust an owner!>>>

    Bezos could literally pay cash to buy all 32 NFL teams for himself right now. I have to admit that’s impressive.

  12. They couldn’t get Jimmy Haslam; they couldn’t get Robert Kraft; they couldn’t get Bob McNair; they DID get Jerry Richardson; they MIGHT get Dan Snyder; Woody is next on the list… EVERYONE has skeletons and shows their true colors at some point. Some are better at hiding it than others, but few of them got to where they are without making comments to someone that they confided in, and then the relationship changed, and people want a pound of flesh. Not justifying this in any way, BUT they ALL have skeletons, and there’s always someone that will eventually expose them.

  13. With the virus and a stable of knuckleheads in the owner’s suite, I almost feel bad for Roger. Nevermind.

  14. Putting my name to this. As a Former NY Jet, who played 8 years with them and live in Northern New Jersey, less than 15 minutes from the stadium, I will not support nor go to anymore games, as long as he is associated with team.

    Marvin Washington. NY Jet 89-97. (NFL 89-2000)

  15. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    The NBA has already set the bar for dealing with these types of issues.

    Does Roger Goodell have the courage?

  16. Honest to God the number of low life’s that are working for this administration is stunning. I thought “Drain the Swamp” was the slogan not “Grifters Liars and Thieves” and apparently also racists.

  17. jurgyisgod says:
    July 22, 2020 at 12:43 pm

    What a pathetic disgusting lout. With guys like Johnson, Snyder, and Kraft, the league has no business freaking out when the Josh Gordons of the world smoke a little weed.

    Sure, but notice that Josh seems to get his life together when he is away from football? Maybe, not being in the league is best for him?

  18. Morgan Freeman also questioned Black History Month. “Why should I have my history confined to a month?” he asked. Just stop labeling people as black, white, etc and just have history.

  19. He should turn this into something positive by helping some of the families who’s lives have been destroyed by the destruction in NYC!

  20. Woody is gonna hafta go. Period. Racist, misogynistic bigots do not belong in the NFL or any sport. Bye, bye, Woody!

  21. What did New York do to deserve two of the worst owners in all of pro sports, this clown and Dolan of the Knicks?

  22. Cue the collector dudes abstractly defending billionaires no matter how indefensible their behavior.

  23. One of the worst owners in the league (and now a racist too apparently), who personally hired one of the worst coaches in the league in Adam Gase. Lots of talent on that team, and it will be squandered with that duo running the show.

  24. Here’s an idea: Stop letting rich people with no political experience get high ranking/public-facing positions in politics.

    That being said, it didn’t sound like the NFL cares based off their response “refer to the state department”. That’s basically saying “If it didn’t happen on NFL time or in an NFL facility, it doesn’t concern us.”

  25. Ah yes. The guy is already guilty based on anonymous sources. So much for being able to face your accuser.

  26. It is amazing that guys here complain about the players being entitled millionaires, but always are quick to defend the entitled billionaire owners.

  27. I guess Woody Johnson will not be getting a statue of himself any time soon. He would have looked great in bronze!

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