Cam Newton mum on his arrival to Boston

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The newest Patriot has landed in Boston. And he’s already mastered the Patriot Way.

Quarterback Cam Newton declined to speak to reporters who approach him at the airport on Wednesday.

“No disrespect to nobody but I’m extremely ecstatic but I’m not talking,” Newton when pressed for comment.

So when will he say more?

“Who knows?” Newton said.

Asked whether he’s excited to be in Boston, Newton simply said, “Go Pats.”

Newton has been active on social media since signing with the Patriots. His remarks from Wednesday suggest that he may be pivoting to a more restrained approach as he prepares to play for Bill Belichick — and to chase the first Super Bowl ring of Newton’s career, while also proving every team wrong for not pursuing him in free agency.

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  1. This thing about the “Patriot Way” and the Patriots not talking is a myth. What the Patriots don’t do is badmouth opponents or get ahead of themselves on the schedule. While they have some quiet players, the McCourty twins and Julian Edelman have large media and soical media presences. Cam Newton fits in with them very well.

  2. The man seems to be on a mission. We’ll see if he can adapt to the Pats way of doing things, both on and off the field and if he’s physically able to do it. Hope we get to find out(if it can be done safely)

  3. Something tells me BB told him to clam up. Not a good look in Boston to be spouting off when we just lost the GOAT

  4. Pats consistently seem to get the best from standard talent.

    Maybe the BB approach will help Cam get better, more team focused, less self absorbed.

  5. I’m hoping that he leads the Pats to a SB win.

    And end the hype of Brady being the GOAT.

  6. The shame of an athlete being this talented is that his whole life the people surrounding him have let him get away with the look at me existence, putting up with his outlandish diva persona from the mansion trashing, women, the clothes to the Gatorade towel on his head. Now he’s in NE we all know Belichick has told him to shut up and that isn’t going to sit well with newton so grab your popcorn and soda and wait for the Boston newton Explosion…the excuses from newton will be epic.

  7. Question is…will veganism claim another professional athletes career?

  8. I am not a Cam Newton fan.
    That said, perhaps being with a great coach and organization, one that doesn’t put up with bull crap, one that demands total concentration to your craft will be good for him. I mean when was the last time someone said no to him? So does he want to revitalize his career, and be serious about getting better, and buy in to what the Pats want? Or is he just going to be Cam? We will find out, if there is a season. (which I doubt)

  9. the ‘Patriot way” at that position invollves a lot more than holding your tongue.

  10. I’m hoping that he leads the Pats to a SB win.

    And end the hype of Brady being the GOAT.

    Me too!
    But Brady will still be the GOAT.
    If the Pats go the distance this year, it has everything to do with coaching and prep being better than other organizations. Having a top 1/2 defense is going to pay dividends maybe more than other years.
    It won’t be the Pats offense that will be the story.

  11. So hes excited to be here and apparently wants to just go get to work. Thats actually the best thing for all concerned even the media. Because there can be a ton of really wonderful future potential stuff to write about, but only if he gets down to work. So maybe he gives up less story now, but the payoff is coming.

  12. “No disrespect to nobody but I’m extremely ecstatic but I’m not talking”

    After Cam Newton retires from the NFL he will no doubt make a seamless transition to his next career as a college English professor.

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