FOX to use virtual fans for MLB games, talking to NFL

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Major League Baseball will start its delayed 2020 season on Thursday night when the Yankees visit the Nationals in Washington.

There won’t be any fans at that or any other baseball games, but FOX has come up with a way to make it feel a little more like past seasons for their broadcasts of games. FOX Sports executive vice president Brad Zager told Andrew Marchand of the New York Post that they will employ virtual fans to make the games feel “as authentic and organic as possible.”

FOX also televises NFL games and Zager said they are talking to the league about plans for the fall.

“We will learn a lot,” Zager said. “The NFL has been partnering with us and knows where we are in this process, and we will continue to work with them as we get closer to NFL season in rolling it out there, if we do.”

We know that the Jets and Giants won’t have fans at games this season while other teams remain hopeful that they’ll have some actual fans in the stands come September.

10 responses to “FOX to use virtual fans for MLB games, talking to NFL

  1. Will there be virtual fights in the stands too?
    Virtual Vendors?
    Virtual cops?

  2. Are all these stadiums undergoing maintenance? I don’t get the no fan thing.

  3. The UFC is way more fun to watch now because you can hear a) their coaches shouting and screaming direction at their fighters, and b) every impact can be heard way more crisp and clean now.

    We don’t want virtual fans and artificial crowd noise in team sports. Can we please just hear and observe the purity of the game for once?

  4. God I hope this doesn’t become a thing. Fake fanfare added to games is such a distraction and doesn’t work. The UFC didn’t change a thing and it’s nearly as good as ever. Being able to hear what the players are saying will be very interesting. Much better than fake crowd reactions. It’s like adding a laugh track to sitcoms – terrible.

  5. profootballtruther says:
    July 23, 2020 at 12:04 pm
    Will virtual tailgaters crash through tables?

    One can only hope…

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