Fritz Pollard Alliance concerned about Washington hiring process

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Washington owner Daniel Snyder has a number of problems on his plate at the moment, and he may have created a new one for himself.

According to Jason Reid of, the Fritz Pollard Alliance is concerned that the team did not adhere to the expanded Rooney Rule provisions that cover executive hires when they brought in a new chief marketing officer and senior vice president of media.

“The Fritz Pollard Alliance has sent inquiries to the NFL and to the Washington Football Team regarding the hiring process for Terry Bateman and Julie Donaldson,” executive director Rod Graves said.

When the NFL expanded the Rooney Rule in May, it required teams to include minorities and/or female applicants for top executive positions in non-football jobs as well.

In the team’s release regarding Donaldson’s hiring as senior vice president of media, they noted she would be the first female to be a full-time part of a team’s radio team, in addition to her other responsibilities running the team’s broadcast operation.

Bateman is a long-time Snyder associate, who has been advising him in recent years, which makes that job look like a quick hire of a known commodity.

If the league’s serious about the Rooney Rule, at some point they have to actually require teams to follow it when making decisions.

Snyder’s also dealing with the fallout from the Washington Post report of 15 women alleging sexual harassment in the workplace, and finally changing the team’s racial slur nickname after years of refusing to do so.

11 responses to “Fritz Pollard Alliance concerned about Washington hiring process

  1. Huh? But the team hired a female. Why are they requesting an investigation about the hiring process… how did the team not comply in this instance?

  2. OK. So let me get this straight (and I cannot believe I am actually looking at things from terms of who is what colour or gender).

    Washington has recently hired the following:
    Head Coach – Ron Rivera (Hispanic)
    Director of Pro Scouting – Eric Stokes (Black)
    Asst. Director of Pro Scouting – Jeff Scott (Black)
    Senior VP of Media – Julie Donaldson (Female)

    And the Fritz Pollard Alliance is STILL not happy??????????
    The Fritz Pollard Alliance “exists to champion diversity in the National Football League”. What part of those 4 high-level hires does not satisfy them?

  3. What exactly is the authority level of the Fritz Pollard Alliance? Are they actually connected to the NFL in any official capacity? The only time you ever hear from them is when they’re not happy with something occurring in the NFL. What are duties throughout the course of any regular work week?

  4. “If the league’s serious about the Rooney Rule, at some point they have to actually require teams to follow it when making decisions.”

    Washington has a minority head coach and just hired a woman for a major executive job. They’re more diverse now than the majority of the league.

  5. It’s getting more ludicrous by the day but the endgame seems obvious. They need to get an owner or two to sell to a minority ownership group. And where better but the nation’s capitol and the most populous city.

  6. So, this is at least the 3rd attack on the Washington Redskins in a few weeks. It’s almost like a coordinated plan to attack them until they are kicked out of the league or something.

    This is what they do. They attack attack attack until they get what they want, and then they go after more.

  7. Fritz Pollard is concerned when 4 out of 5 jobs go to minority candidates. Seems like their focus is not on getting minorities hired but on not allowing non-minorities to get promoted.

  8. The NFL never should have married itself to an outside organization on this matter. Now they are calling the shots.

    “An Appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last” ~ Winston Churchill

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