Paul Tagliabue will get Hall of Fame ring at 2021 Bears-Packers game

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Most who make it to the Hall of Fame have a clear connection to a team. Former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue doesn’t. When he gets his Hall of Fame ring, he’ll have a connection to two teams.

Via former NFL spokesman Joe Browne, the Packers have granted Tagliabue’s request to receive his Hall of Fame ring before the Chicago-Green Bay at Lambeau Field in 2021.

“No one values history [and] tradition of NFL more than” Tagliabue, Browne said.

Tagliabue was elected by a specially-selected panel that picked 15 Hall of Famers to go along with the five-member 2020 modern-era class. The pandemic has scrapped the 2020 enshrinement of all of them, setting the stage for a mega-class of 28 in 2021.

10 responses to “Paul Tagliabue will get Hall of Fame ring at 2021 Bears-Packers game

  1. He knows the most iconic stadium in the league for his ceremony! It’s Lambeau, of course. They’ve made the modern improvements necessary for a 2020s stadium, while retaining the flavor and history of the great teams who have played and won championships there over the long haul.

  2. He should get his ring in Washington or Jacksonville, since he worked so hard keep football out of Baltimore and to get his buddy Wayne Weaver set up with a franchise team even after ol’ Wayne dropped out of the process. However, karma has a way of coming around and biting you right where you sit, since in the last 25 years Baltimore has won 2 Super Bowls and Jacksonville and Washington have been drafting early in the first round, year after year. The people of Baltimore would like to thank Paul Taglibue for the Browns and for championships after all, you made it all possible.

  3. That is an honor to the Bears, Pack and to Lambeau Field in particular. Thank you to the former commissioner – I love Lambeau too.

  4. Tagliabue’s election was why the Centennial Class was created in the first place … anything to get voted in.

  5. The guy is a true weasel. He played the city of Baltimore and had the stones to say “Build yourself a museum with the stadium money”. He turns around and Jacksonville is awarded a franchise. Jacksonville. The area has never and will never support a team. How embarrasing to the NFL to see sections of their stadium tarped over game after game?

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