NFLPA player reps approve CBA changes

Getty Images

It looks like training camps are set to start on schedule next week.

According to multiple reports, the NFLPA player reps have approved the proposed changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement that the union and league have been discussing ahead of the start of camp. The NFLPA Executive Committee recommended accepting those changes on their own call earlier on Friday and NFL owners voted to approve them as well.

That means COVID-19 testing will begin on Tuesday around the league and a second round of tests will follow on the fourth day of camp. Players who test negative twice will then be allowed into team facilities and camp will proceed. Daily testing will take place for the first two weeks of camp and move to every other day if the positive rate is below five percent at that point.

The two sides also came to agreement on how to adjust the salary cap in light of a drop of revenue, guidelines for players who choose to opt out of playing this season and how to handle guaranteed salaries in the event the league does not play a full season on their way to an agreement that paves the way for the 2020 season to move forward as planned.

UPDATE 6:18 p.m. ET: The NFLPA released a statement confirming that the proposal was approved.

“Our NFLPA Board of Representatives voted to adopt, by a count of 29-3, the proposed amendments to the 2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement to protect our players’ health, safety and financial well-being.”