Clinton Portis among six NFL players charged in health care fraud conspiracy

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Six former NFL players were charged on Friday in a superseding indictment in connection with fraudulent charges made to a health care benefit program for retired NFL players.

Clinton Portis, the two-time Pro Bowl running back, is the most notable name in the group. The others are Darrell Reid, Antwan Odom, Anthony Montgomery, Tamarick Vanover and Robert McCune.

All six defendants face charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and wire fraud. Portis, Reid, Odom and Montgomery were also each charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of health care fraud. Vanover was also charged with two counts of wire fraud and two counts of health care fraud. And McCune faces the most serious charges, with 10 counts of wire fraud, 12 counts of health care fraud, and three counts of aggravated identity theft.

Portis, Vanover and McCune had already been charged in 2019 but are now facing additional charges for the alleged fraud, which targed the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Reimbursement Plan. That plan is supposed to help NFL players and their families by giving them tax-free reimbursement for health care costs in retirement, but federal prosecutors say the accused players submitted false and fraudulent claims totaling more than $3 million.

Seven former NFL players have already pleaded guilty to charges in connection with the scheme: Correll Buckhalter, James Butler, Joseph Horn, Etric Pruitt, Ceandris Brown, John Eubanks and Reche Caldwell. Caldwell was shot and killed in June. Brown has been sentenced to a year in prison. The others await sentencing.

Prosecutors say the players defrauded the program by falsely claiming they had purchased expensive medical equipment like hyperbaric oxygen chambers, cryotherapy machines and ultrasound machines and then requesting reimbursement, typically of amounts from $40,000 to $50,000. The players allegedly fabricated documents including invoices and letters of medical necessity.

17 responses to “Clinton Portis among six NFL players charged in health care fraud conspiracy

  1. Clinton Portis made over $43 million in the NFL and has to stoop to this?
    Jail is a good spot for him

  2. What longterm disability requires you to own your own ultrasound machine? Can’t you just pay a copay and go to the Doctor’s office?

    Your own hyperbaric chamber as a medical necessity?

    I am surprised they didn’t bill for their own personal hospital with staff.

  3. First of all, they should make these guys permanently ineligible from the reimbursement plan. If they are so pathetic that they are stealing money from people who genuinely need it then they should no longer have that privilege. Secondly, how is it that the people giving these reimbursements didn’t realize those claims were bogus until they got to over $3M? It sounds like the people running it aren’t very bright. I wonder how many other instances of this will be uncovered since this is the second time three of them have been indicted for this.

    They should send all of them to prison so they can be under the prison healthcare system. Oh, and since they decided they wanted to screw over their former fellow players, remove them from the NFL retirement program too.

  4. Portis, another entitled crook from that Washington Football Club run by Chief Half A Man.

  5. If Portis, Vanover and McCune had already been charged in 2009 why weren’t they convicted?

    If I got away with fraud I’d stay squeaky clean after that.

  6. delaney smith says:
    Clinton Portis made over $43 million in the NFL and has to stoop to this?
    Jail is a good spot for him
    Not that it justifies his actions, but Portis did have millions stolen from him by a couple of his managers. They lost their license, but faced no jail time.

  7. And here a few more names of players who have made millions and with-in a few years of leaving the NFL are broke, how do you waste that much money and have nothing to show for it?

    There goes 6 more ex-NFL players to the BIG HOUSE!

  8. Some nfl players are giving up millions to stand on the front lines of a pandemic while others are stealing money. Shame.

  9. I remember reading the story of how Portis had his money embezzled by his financial advisor. That was sad but you don’t get to rob someone else if someone steals from you. These guys stole money that should be going to former players who really need it. Pretty low.

  10. When it comes to these athletes, them getting swindled financially is their own fault!

    There have been enough cautionary tales about trusting the wrong people with your money and/or spending money foolishly.

    In the case of Portis, he also owed 6 women over a million dollars AND some casinos as well. This most recent development is par for the course.

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