Dalvin Cook’s agent disputes latest report that Cook has said he’ll report for camp

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It continues.

Dalvin Cook‘s agent, Zac Hiller, now contradicts a report that Cook has told Vikings running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu that Cook will report for training camp this week.

“Dalvin and Coach Polamalu speak often as they have a great relationship,” Hiller told Adam Schefter of ESPN. “Dalvin has never mentioned to him anything in regards to reporting to camp. I’m not sure where the miscommunication is. I hope Dalvin plays a major role in the Vikings future success.”

It’s the latest bizarre twist in a bizarre day of contradictory back-and-forths. First, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said Cook told Zimmer that Cook will be at camp. Then, Hiller disputed it. Then, NFL Media reported that Cook told Polamalu that Cook will show up for the start of camp.

So who knows where it will go from here? Either way, Cook will — or won’t — show up by Tuesday.

29 responses to “Dalvin Cook’s agent disputes latest report that Cook has said he’ll report for camp

  1. Dalvin clearly wants to play but his agent is advising him to hold out. Morale of the story is to get rid of agents.

  2. He will. Fair or not, a holdout isn’t a good look from a PR standpoint when so many people are unemployed at the moment.

  3. Cook told some coach or they wouldn’t of leaked it. Cook looks like the bad guy if he doesn’t show up. Cook will definitely be there.

  4. So now we have two coaches saying Cook said he will show. Now Cook’s agent says otherwise. Not looking good for this agent Zac Hiller, if Cook does not show. You can bet other teams are watching this closely to see if this agent will be a problem down the road with other players they might be interested in. One thing for sure time is running out on this, so we will see.

  5. Cook will show up. He has no choice.
    If he doesn’t show up, he is right back in the same situation next year.

    I think Cook stated the obvious to someone in the Vikings organization against his agent’s wishes. And the agent is trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube.

  6. Each and every “REPORT” makes me even gladder I don’t have to make these decisions.

    The opt-out would seem to be Cook’s friend here, even though it’s “all in or all out,” as the new CBA makes an old school holdout untenable for guys that have not yet signed a second contract.

    Long term, it may not even matter. If nothing else, Spielman’s shown us he won’t put up with guys making noise no matter how talented they may be (Harvin, Diggs).

  7. I didnt figure Cooks agent would be too happy about loose lips Zimmer saying Cook wouldn’t hold out.

  8. Interestingly, Cook has never come out to clarify this. He can back his agent and come out and say there was a misunderstanding, or he can agree with the coaches who have helped be a success and throw his agent under the bus. He knows the truth but can’t talk. His agent has put him in a terrible spot. But this might be exactly what the agent wants. Now he can do all the talking. Cook can only remain silent. Anything he says burns bridges.

  9. Prior to the Henry signing Cook had leverage. Now he has none, he’s not going to get anything near what he was expecting. I’d take the risk just so the season counts, also avoiding the Melvin Gordon situation.

  10. Wow, Zimmer caught in another lie. Typical.
    Whether it’s been this, or Stefon Diggs status, Zim has proven to be a very untrustworthy source.
    And I’m still waiting for the NFL to punish the organization for Zimmer’s lies about Everson Griffen’s infamous “toe injury”.
    Business as usual in Loserville.

  11. Just another case where a agent is screwing things up. The more Dalvin makes the more his agent makes.

  12. Next Report: Dalvin Cook’s agent disputes report that he said that Cook didn’t tell Zimmer or Assistant that he wouldn’t report.

  13. Cook would have more leverage if he had played 16 games last year. At this point, just play out the final year and look for the best deal. Don’t give Mattison a chance to take away your chance to feature Yourself to 32 teams.

  14. Cook has been a class act since he was drafted. Keeps his head down, works hard and produces. Based on his Instagram he is working out hard and looks to be in the best shape of his life. He clearly wants to play, but his agent has to generate leverage where he can. Most Vikings fans or the organization aren’t worried about Cook missing any game time. No story here. Media…move on to those “much better” teams you cover. Vikings are mediocre and won’t compete….;)

  15. He will make less next year if cap decreases as anticipated. It would be wise to sign something now.

  16. h0metownzero says:
    July 26, 2020 at 9:03 am
    Nobody wants to play there because of their historic lack of success.
    I guess going to the playoffs 3 of the last 5 years is going to turn players away, especially when you win your division 2 of those 3 playoff years. Sending 8 players to the Pro Bowl would be a huge indicator of their horrible potential, right?

  17. What’s the hold up? He is gonna get paid. that’s what happen wen you are one of the top players at your position,

  18. a previous post said cookis. model citizen. does that mean he hasn’t beaten on any women or tortured any dogs lately?

  19. mjimmym says:
    July 26, 2020 at 6:24 pm
    a previous post said cookis. model citizen. does that mean he hasn’t beaten on any women or tortured any dogs lately


    You must be getting him mixed up with Mark Churma

  20. I know nothing about Cook’s past, but Chmura was found not guilty and was acquitted of all charges. An eye-witness tried to stop her and other first-hand testimonies convinced the jury the sixteen year-old young woman (going on twenty-six,) lied because she simply didn’t like him. She’d been speaking ill of him for weeks, according to her friends. A jock classmate pulled her back from heading towards the bathroom where he knew Chmura to be, and over her shoulder she gave him a wink, a smile, and a nod. She tried to ruin a persons life. Was he dancing too close to the fire? Absolutely! Did he deserve to have his life ruined (which was pretty much the end-result anyway?) No. I don’t think we’ll see a anniversary interview with her anytime soon.

    Hate is free, but you should pick a different fight.

  21. I guess I’d be less likely to believe the one who’s shown a history of lying myself.
    So yes, I’d tend to believe the agent/lawyer too.

  22. Anyone that pays any attention to the Vikes, or has half a brain, knows that Zim doesn’t lie about this type of stuff. It must be a Parcels thing, but he lies about player pre-game injuries and game availability — something dang near every team does on their own injury weekly report. Apparently some cheesers get their shorts in a bundle over such things — makes you wonder how they react to major problems.

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