Which players would you like to see win a Super Bowl?

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Plenty of great players have spent plenty of years in the NFL without winning a Super Bowl. Recently, Simms and I devoted a PFT Live draft to the question of which veteran players we’d most like to see win a Super Bowl.

Our choices are in the attached video. Watch it and then put your own choices in the comments below.

And if you have any other topics you’d like to see become drafts on PFT Live, add them in the comments. If they’re good, we’ll steal them.

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50 responses to “Which players would you like to see win a Super Bowl?

  1. A draft of which coach you would choose to start a franchise with. And a second draft of which general manager you would choose to start a franchise with.
    A draft of which team has the best QB, WR, and HB.

  2. Awww shucks. I suppose you don’t remember when Dalvin Cook got thrown out of FSU for punching a girl out, outside a bar?

  3. Would love to see Larry Fitzgerald get a ring. As a Seahawks fan, it was particularly painful to see him lose out on his chance to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bad memories, so I could empathize with his pain.

    Wish Steve Largent could’ve gotten a ring. And Dan Marino.

    Would’ve liked to’ve seen Philip Rivers take the Chargers to the SB and get a ring, too. Any owner that fires a 14-2 coach doesn’t deserve a ring, though. Rivers and Chargers fan have my pity.

  4. redclaw1314 says:
    July 25, 2020 at 7:30 pm
    Cam Newton

    Maybe he can try diving on the loose ball this time.

  5. Awww shucks. I suppose you don’t remember when Dalvin Cook got thrown out of FSU for punching a girl out, outside a bar?


    Uh, you do know he was found not guilty of the charge once it went to trial right? Just some gold digger trying to paid was all that was.

  6. Larry Fitz and Phillip Rivers
    Hands down name someone else more worthy at this point in their careers

  7. As much as I was not a fan before this year, I think it would be swell if that Cam Newton fellow won one with those plucky underdogs up in New England.

  8. Larry Fitzgerald. It’s not going to happen this year, but I can think of no one more deserving.

  9. hinglemccringleberry says:
    July 25, 2020 at 9:12 pm
    Larry Fitz and Phillip Rivers
    Hands down name someone else more worthy at this point in their careers


    I think I could put Alex Smith in there just for all the nonsense he put up with in SF (yearly changes in coaching, coordinators, and systems).

  10. I dare say there is no active NFL player that is more respected than Larry Fitzgerald. All the talent of TO or Randy Moss with none of the distractions. He’s easily the first player that came to mind.
    Honorable mention goes to Philip Rivers and Frank Gore. Both possible hall of famers who will never see a ring

  11. Adrian Peterson, had some bad things happen but keeps on trucking

    Wow… whipping a child until he bleeds turns into “…had some bad things happen…”

    … is this real life???

  12. A lot of guys, many have been mentioned in the posts above. Fitzgerald, Peterson, Gore, Julio Jones, Matthew Stafford, Antonio Gates (if someone picks him up) Rivers, JJ Watt, Cameron Jordan, Harrison Smith, and Adam Thielan.

  13. uzuck says:
    July 26, 2020 at 9:19 am
    AJ Green. Class act.

    Last season he fooled the Bengals into believing he was going to play and collected a whole seasons full pay by doing it and now wants a huge contract after he fleeced them last year, NOPE that’s not a class act by any stretch if the imagination! Before last year I’d have agreed but not now.

  14. I agree with the people that posted Tom Brady. Not that he needs anything else to cement his legacy as the GOAT. It would be the cherry on top. Don’t think he doesn’t know$ it either

  15. Candidly, i care a lot less about the NFL this year than in year’s past. Still look at the sports pages, but knowing that so many are suffering due to covid and the effects in the economy which has changed my whole outlook on paying people 20 million to play a game or to make a movie or a record….. But, in this case, Zach Pascal

  16. Frank Gore was the first name that came into my head. 15,347 rushing yds and counting, #3 all-time and over 19k yds from scrimmage, #4 all-time.

    Adrian Peterson was the second. 14,216 rushing yds and counting, #5 all-time.

    Fitz is a no-brainer. The football IQ, hands made of fly paper, god-like body control and he’s just a great guy. ELEVEN pro bowls. SMH. 17,083 receiving yds, #2 all-time by a LOT. He only needs 6,000 more to catch rice. HAHAHAhhhahaa… yeah.

    Jason Witten first-ballot HOFer needs a ring. ELEVEN pro bowls. Sheesh. 2nd most receiving yds all-time for a TE.

    Not precisely the topic of this article, but I want to see both Drew Brees and Russel Wilson win another one.

    JJ Watt a great choice. Best defensive player in the league for several years running. Total dominance, reminded me of a quicker Reggie White.

    I would throw up in my mouth a little if Cam Newton ever won one.

    Philip Rivers doesn’t deserve to win one because he has been on multiple teams that had enough talent to go all the way and he failed. So he doesn’t make this list, sorry.

  17. The name that popped into my head immediately was Larry Fitzgerald. There have been some other good suggestions and no one ever “deserves” a ring but if they did, Fitz would be the guy.

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