Patriots drop to 80 players ahead of training camp

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NFL teams have the option of keeping 90 players on their roster through August 16 if they work in split squads at training camp, but the Patriots won’t be taking that path.

They released defensive back Lenzy Pipkins on Saturday and Jim McBride of the Boston Globe reports that they dispatched nine other players on Sunday. That leaves them at the new 80-man limit ahead of Tuesday’s start to camp.

Undrafted rookie quarterbacks Brian Lewerke and J'mar Smith are both on the list. They signed before the Patriots added Cam Newton to the roster and would be in line for limited work in camp as the team works to sort out if Newton or Jarrett Stidham will be leading the offense come September.

Wide receivers Isaiah Zuber, Sean Riley, and Will Hastings; safeties Adarius Pickett and Malik Gant; linebacker Kyahva Tezino and defensive tackle Courtney Wallace were also let go on Sunday.

12 responses to “Patriots drop to 80 players ahead of training camp

  1. I think it’s a safe bet the Pats will be ahead of the curve for playing under these conditions. That’s what they do.

  2. I think Stidham is going to be an outstanding QB for many years with the Patriots. It is not the worst idea to see him as the backup to Newton for this year that allows Stidham to be better prepared to take over in 2021. Meanwhile the Patriots will surprise a lot of teams this year and could well be in the playoffs this year.

  3. tedmurph is spot on above.

    Bill prepares for situational football. This year, the situation is teams will needs to focus on core players and get them ready to play. He doesn’t have the continuity of a Brady and Scarnechia retired, two 20-year plus guys on the offensive side of the ball who he leveraged. Keeping Thuney looks even smarter now. Andrews coming back is key. He needs to get Cam or Stidham the key reps. I expect it to be Cam but that puts a major load on McDaniels and everyone on office. That said, Cam can improvise when a play breaks down which will be a major advantage this year. The D and ST are solid with veteran leadership.

  4. Patriots can’t bench cam for stidham in fear of being called racists, and the Boston area is already known as the most racist place in the country so they have no choice, they are completely screwed hahahahaha.

  5. The Patriots are going to be 12-4 this year, and the haters are going to break the internet with their anger… it’s gonna be epic

  6. tigerlilac says:
    July 26, 2020 at 5:10 pm
    tedmurph is spot on above


    Tiger and Ted, posting while staring at their Fat Head poster of bb above their bed.

  7. Glad Jeff Thomas wasn’t on the list. If BB can get him motivated, he could be very good.

  8. Yup, I’ll stare at my poster. All Vikes fans have is all the SBowl losses and their blind jealousy of the Packers. Good luck with the Zimmer extension. Lol

  9. everyone else will soon copy them because they don’t want to look like they haven’t figured out something that bill figured out even though they have no clue if bill really figured anything out.

  10. I think the Patriots will have a rough year. No money. Players opting out. First year without Brady and Scar. And did you see that schedule? I see a lot of close losses.

    But next year they’ll get the players back and well rested and have the 3rd or 4th ranked pot of gold to spend.

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