Doug Pederson feels “extremely safe” in Eagles’ bubble

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The NFL won’t have a league-wide bubble this year, although maybe it should. For now and through Week One, each team will have its own bubble.

In Philadelphia, coach Doug Peterson is comfortable in the bubble.

“I feel extremely safe,” Pederson told reporters on Monday. “Obviously coming into it, there might have been some skepticism about the testing and the screening that goes on but it’s very thorough. When you’re here, you get tested in the morning, you have a screening process that you have to go through to get into the building; wearing masks in the building, everywhere we go, I feel extremely safe.

“This is our bubble right here at [the practice facility]. I can’t control everything. We can’t control everything. There probably are going to be some things that come up down the road, but right now, I feel extremely safe and this is a great environment for our players to succeed in.”

The concept of “down the road” becomes important when the Eagles leave their bubble to play games, home or away. Pederson acknowledged the relevance of the experiences of other non-bubble sports like baseball, but he also made it clear that it’s not his job to deal with those issues.

“We will take a look,” Pederson said regarding the Miami Marlins outbreak that caused the Phillies to postpone tonight’s game against the Yankees. “I know we’re looking at all the leagues obviously and what everybody is doing. . . . But you know what, quite honestly, I’m concerned right here with Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Eagles, our players and trying to get our team ready to go for the regular season. I know the guys that are higher up than me are watching that, our doctors and medical team at the NFL, they are watching all this stuff. They are in constant conversations and constant meetings and they will have a plan. They will be prepared.

“It’s my job to get the team prepared, and then obviously their job to make sure that we’re all safe and doing the right thing.”

Hopefully, they’ll be able to do it. It would be a lot easier to accomplish if the country had taken the situation more seriously, and in turn had kept the spread of the virus under control.