Drew Brees makes $5 million donation for local healthcare

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Saints quarterback Drew Brees is making a $5 million donation to help his community stay healthier.

Brees just posted on social media that he was donating that sum in partnership with Ochsner Health “to build numerous healthcare centers throughout Louisiana in the communities that need it most.

“We will continue to bridge the gap to bring healthcare, education, and economic equity to all of our communities,” he wrote. “We are proud to bring the first of these health care centers to New Orleans East later this year.”

It’s the latest in a series of steps Brees has taken this offseason, since making multiple apologies for his “disrespecting the flag” remarks earlier this offseason. That included sponsoring a Black College Football Hall of Fame event.

10 responses to “Drew Brees makes $5 million donation for local healthcare

  1. Just a thought, would have been better for the Saints salary cap if the Saints donated $5 million and Brees took $5 million less salary.

  2. Also donated $5 million on March 26, more than most teams, and way before any of this happened, to help alleviate hunger in Louisiana…also donated undisclosed amount to Second Harvest, also before any of this happened…

  3. I greatly appreciate your humanity and generosity, Drew.

    But, donations will never be able to overcome the gross inadequacy of America’s private, savage, for-profit health “care” system. America needs Medicare-for-all, NOW!

  4. People including famous ones can grow and mature and have a change of heart once they take the time to put aside long standing beliefs. When you try to put yourself into others peoples situations, sometimes, slowly, you come to a realization that your views are just one way of looking at an issue. It is OK for Drew to support kneeling without himself doing so. His teammates must also respect his beliefs. Multiple large monetary donation to the community, both before and after the controversy shows the kind of man that he has always been.

  5. America needs Medicare-for-all, NOW!

    I’m all for this as long as we abolish welfare and replace it with job training/placement. We’re going to need all the taxes we can get to pay for it, so get yourself a high paying six figure career where we can tax you 70% to help pay for Medicare for all and I’m in.

  6. Brees has donated over $10 million now.

    This guy is a saint in more ways than one. Positive contributions and actions like this are cause for celebration and kudos.

    Thank you, Drew Brees!

  7. He puts his money where his mouth is….

    That can’t be said for a majority of these so called social justice warrior athletes…..all mouth, no money.

  8. This has been and is the character of the person that certain individuals wished to discredit and ruin the public opinion and image of.
    Brees’ actions just further reflect how low those negative persons are in comparison.
    Thank you Drew.

  9. Great gesture from Drew Brees, although….

    Nothing says “Greatest Country in the World” like a story about a private citizen donating money so that other citizens can receive GENERAL HEALTHCARE (“to bring healthcare, education, and economic equity”) that they otherwise would not receive through the government itself!

    This is America.

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