Keenan Allen complains about Top 100 ranking, Mike Evans fires back

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Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen was not pleased when NFL Network’s countdown of the Top 100 players revealed him at No. 77.

Allen wrote on Twitter that he believes he should be ranked higher, and he named three players — Tyreek Hill of the Chiefs and Mike Evans and Chris Godwin of the Buccaneers, whom Allen believes are too high if they’re in the Top 70.

“Ok I’m tired of biten my tongue, @cheetah, @MikeEvans13_, @chrisgoodwin (and the list goes on) ARE NOT a better reciever than me! Faster than me every day of the week but separation. CHILD PLEASE!” Allen wrote, while tagging Hill, Evans and Goodwin and misspelling Goodwin’s name and Twitter handle.

That drew this response from Evans: “You tagged the wrong Chris Godwin lol and don’t be mad at us we ain’t make the rankings or care about em. I like the confidence but be realistic you not on my level bro.”

Players like Evans often profess not to care about these rankings, but Allen showed that some players care very much, and feel disrespected when the rankings don’t put them where they think they belong.

18 responses to “Keenan Allen complains about Top 100 ranking, Mike Evans fires back

  1. “be realistic you not on my level bro.”

    Evans had no choice but to put his son in his place. Considering who’s throwing to them this year, Mike’s numbers are gonna be astronomical in comparison.

  2. WR Is a dependent position, and with the QB’s that Allen has now, his position is only going to drop lower.

  3. So Keenan believes he should be ranked higher than Mike Evans? Based upon what exactly?

  4. man, athletes these days in all of sports are so greedy and whiny, shut-up and just play the game!

    All they seem to worry about is the money they make and they flip out when they are analyzed in any way.

  5. Is funny, because TyRod Taylor is the QB now in LA for the Chargers. Keenen will be absolutely starved for receptions.

  6. Lol, I don’t know how these guys get through the day with such problems to deal with.

  7. I remember experiencing childish behavior like this….when I was in elementary school.

  8. More whining from toady’s NFL player.
    Red Grange & Bronco Nagurski are rolling over in their grave.

  9. Mike Evans will be a better WR early on but as the season goes on and Brady’s 43 year old arm fatigues, Keenan Allen should be able to catch up.

  10. (Imitating Allen Iverson’s voice): Keenan Allen? We be talkin’ about Keenan Allen!?

  11. Keenan should not be concerned about some stupid NFL Network rankings. They are all really good receivers, but it would be hard to make an undeniable claim for or against any of the four.

  12. Allen should have stopped when he said Evans was “faster than” him. That says a lot right there, as a Bucs fan- we all know Mike Evans is NOT by any means fast- or quick, he uses his size, reach, and strength to his advantage- thats what makes him dangerous. Whoever said Mike Evans is fast needs to go watch some real game tape on the man.

  13. Keenan Allen won’t be better than Mike Evans, Godwin, Tyreek, OBJ, Landry, Michael Thomas, Hopkins, or even Amari & rookie Henry Ruggs lol. He needs to stop barking and take his game to another level. It’s going to be hard for him to do that before Justin Herbert is ready to be the starter in L.A. I expect his stats to improve once Herbert is on the field. It might not be this season though.

  14. I’d take the 3 mentioned all over Allen. Along with Jones, Hopkins, Thomas, Green, Sutton, and probably 6-7 others.

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