Mike Tyson’s return sparks an interesting NFL-related question

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Mike Tyson will be returning to the ring, for one last time. That sparked an interesting (at least to us) question in a recent edition of PFT Live: Which retired NFL player would we like to see back on the field one more time?

Charean Williams and I drafted four players each, focusing on guys who would return right now. We then had a bonus round with one player from any past era, living or dead, whom we’d like to see in his prime on the field right now.

Watch the video, and then chime in on both topics: Retired players you’d like to see return now in their current age, shape, etc., and all-time former players you’d like to see in their prime against modern players.

42 responses to “Mike Tyson’s return sparks an interesting NFL-related question

  1. Excellent topic guys, I’d pay to see Brett Favre and Kurt Warner back on the field. Even at this point in time I’d like to think most of us would agree these guys could still march a team downfield. Going to keep my fingers crossed that no one suggests terrell owens though………

    And if it was possible to have just one player back in his prime? Changed my mind and edited for the last time. Jerry Rice. Not one of the current WR’s could hold his cleats in comparison, but that’s just my two cents. 🙂

  2. Derrick Thomas, pure speed rusher but still probably the fastest pass rusher of all time. He’d be fun to watch in today’s game.

  3. Rusty Lisch. With McMahon and Fuller down he went in and was so bad Ditka pulled him and put Walter at QB.

    I think we should give the guy one more try! Rusty! Rusty! Rusty!

  4. I saw Tyson in one of the crappy Kickboxer movie sequels, and he certainly looked the part of a guy who could compete in the ring. Yes, everything was choreographed but he’s still quick, throwing powerful shots from a compact setup, he looks like the real deal.

    Doesn’t have near the upper body muscle he used to though, but he’s not sloppy fat anymore either.

  5. Tyson was getting hammered by palookas at the end of his career (Kevin McBride, anyone?), it’s baffling that people want to see him back in the ring now.

  6. 1. Joe Montana in a Mike McCarthy offense
    2. Troy Aikman in a Bill Bellichick offense
    3. LT in a Wade Phillips defense
    4. Reggie White
    5. Barry Sanders

  7. You can probably put Randy Moss in a Bucs uniform this season. He’ll be good for 10 TD’s

  8. O.J. Simpson (before the glove didn’t fit) was just ridiculous. The Bills weren’t very good except for him and he just dominated games. Over 2000 yards rushing in 14 games with six 200-yard games in the same season.

    Barry Sanders was like Michael Jordan….you couldn’t help watching him because you couldn’t wait to see what incredible move he would pull off next.

    LT just took over games, the first guy at LB that could do the stuff he could do.

    Fran Tarkenton was crazy to watch too. When he started scrambling teams were scared to death because he always seemed to make a play.

  9. Also would love to see how Dan Marino would do in today’s game with the protection the QB now gets and the freedom the WR’s get. OMG, he would light it up !!!

  10. Mike Tyson still has a ton of power behind his punchs. The video he posted of him hitting the mitts was jaw dropping considering he is in his early 50’s. If the fight goes into the later rounds he will probably look like the old man that he is, but through the first round if he connects you’re going to sleep I dont care who you are.

  11. Tony Gonzalez. Only missed 2 games in his career and would probably be a top 10 TE depending on what team he landed on.

  12. I’d go in the way back machine and pick someone like Dick Butkus or Tommy Nobis. Would be interesting to see how those gritty, tough star of long ago would match up. They certainly wouldn’t put up with all the ridiculous celebrations we see after first down runs from guys like Cam Newton.

  13. T.O., and I’m not even kidding. He’s getting up there in age, but still in great shape. Michael Strahan would be another one I’d like to see have another game or two.

  14. Quote
    “Retired players you’d like to see return now in their current age, shape, etc., and all-time former players you’d like to see in their prime against modern players”

    NFL players bodies take so much more of a beating compared to a boxer. It would be much more harder for a retired NFL player to come back and play versus a boxer.

  15. John Elway, down 3 against the now chiefs. 4th quarter. Man I would love to see the chiefs cry one more time

  16. “BuckyBadger says: July 27, 2020 at 10:53 am The Tyson “fight” is a clown show. Why people will pay for this is beyond me.”

    I feel you. Tyson vs Ray Jones Jr in an exhibition. I’m not exactly jumping up and down to watch something like this. Any of us could do an exhibition fight.

  17. @bartpkelly says:
    July 27, 2020 at 10:50 am
    Crazy Legs, Gale Sayers, Deacon Jones, Sammy Baugh
    Deacon with the Head Slap…he’d be ejected by halftime.

  18. How about people who couldn’t finish due to injury? Terrell Davis, Gale Sayers, Jahvid Best, David Carr (yes I am considering his OLine as an injury, you can’t play when you are running for your life).

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