Phillies-Yankees game tonight postponed

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The Miami Marlins’ COVID-19 outbreak has now cost baseball at least one more game tonight.

According to Ken Rosenthal of, tonight’s Phillies-Yankees game has been postponed.

The Phillies just completed a series against the Marlins, during which the Marlins’ positive-case count went from four to 14.

That led the Marlins to cancel tonight’s home opener against the Orioles, the first game lost to the pandemic.

This is an obvious concern for the NFL as they prepare to report to training camp. While baseball players still have to occupy locker rooms and dugouts, there’s a much greater opportunity for distancing in that sport than there is in football, where close contact is the norm.

14 responses to “Phillies-Yankees game tonight postponed

  1. If only the governor of Florida hadn’t treated the novel Coronavirus like a hoax.

    MLB and NBA are cautionary tales for football.

  2. The dominoes are beginning to fall folks, it was just a matter of time. Nobody is happy about this, but, as responsible adults, lets face facts and make the difficult decisions for the good of all. Entertainment is entertainment, but people’s lives are on the line here. Priorities in their proper perspective.

  3. …the first game lost to the pandemic.

    It almost certainly will not be the last.

  4. IF we shut down almost everything and people distanced and wore masks, we would have the number of cases down to a small trickle and we’d be able to open the country. 4-6 weeks would do it. Instead, we’ve all been dealing with half-measures for almost 6 months.

    But as long as some states and some people (selfish) refuse to take the proper steps, this virus will just continue to kill thousands of Americans.

  5. I hate to be just another one ranting about the political climate, but if there was not this absurd insistence on following the party line on how to address covid or acknowledge at times that it was even a real “thing” – we could have worked together to mostly stamp this out weeks/months ago.. No chance now. We’re stuck. Like football games? Me too.. See ya in 2021

  6. You couldn’t have said it better half measures. This is a national problem and requires a national response. You can’t have 50 states taking 50 cabs. No one is asking for your first born wear a mask. Not wearing one is obviously not working

  7. its easy to say the NFL is playing pandemic football for the money however i think its equal parts arrogance…

  8. I don’t get why they sit in the dug outs with the stands open. Also can’t they dress in shifts so they are distancing there. All interaction should between coaches and players should be done outside. This can be done safely with some common sense.

  9. I don’t get it, how come other countries are not getting hit nearly as hard and sports are resuming with no hiccups?
    Oh right, masks and social distancing. At least we’re great again, right?…right??

  10. 1/3 of the Miami Baseball team tested positive. It’s more than 1/3 if taxing 3 players are negative. Baring use of minor league players, their season is over.

  11. If you get the chance listen to Max Kellerman from this morning. He talks about players association in NFL and MLB culpability because they didn’t demand a bubble. He says the NFL has time to create one. He says players have to weigh hardship of bubble vs lost income.

  12. Under normal circumstances no one should listen to Max Kellerman’s opinion about anything.

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