Players must pass three COVID-19 tests before reporting

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On the day a team’s infection control officer announced he had tested positive for COVID-19, comes word that players will have to pass another test just to get in the door.

According to Judy Battista of NFL Network, players now have to pass three tests before they are allowed to enter a team’s facility.

Previously, players needed to pass a pair of tests, 72 hours apart, before they were cleared to begin. Now, they have to pass on the first, second, and fourth day to get in.

It’s an extra layer of testing for players, while coaches and other football personnel will have to take a pair of tests.

Players will be tested daily for at least the first two weeks of camps.

As players gather from every corner of the country — many coming from hotspots and some going to them — a number of positive tests is inevitable. Between the Marlins’ outbreak and the news of Vikings head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman, increased testing early on makes sense.

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  1. this isn’t a bubble situation like the nba so unless i’m missing something….why the three tests so you can walk through the front door on day one but the side doors are open b/c after that initial test they’re still going back to their homes, families and friends that could have easily been in contact w/ anyone that is positive.

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