Roger Goodell keeps referring to a “complete” not “full” season

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Twice since Friday, the Commissioner has referred to the NFL’s plans for 2020 not in terms of a “full season” but a “complete season.” It’s probably not a mistake.

A complete season ends with the presentation of a Lombardi Trophy. In 1982, the NFL played a complete season, albeit with only nine regular-season games. In 1987, the complete season consisted of one lost week and three games played with replacements.

Enter 2020, when the pandemic threatens to derail part of the season. If games and/or weeks are lost, but if there’s a Super Bowl when it’s all said and done, it will have been a complete season.

Obviously, the goal is to play a full season. The reality is that, at this point, no one knows whether that will happen. Hopefully, it will.

25 responses to “Roger Goodell keeps referring to a “complete” not “full” season

  1. Maybe he should be focusing on clubs making it to a padded practice first. Mid August seems like a light year away in covid-19 time measure

  2. ‘Complete’ season? ‘Full’ season?

    Looking at how things are trending in MLB right now – where the number of participants and contact are WAY less – the abbreviations for those two scenarios might fit here.

    ‘CF’ Charlie Foxtrot. I hope I am wrong.

  3. Just “complete” the season by ending it now. MLB already is cancelling games and they have way less contact.

  4. Covid is so scary, I mean there are dead bodies everywhere, what are we going to do…shut it all down and hide, that will fix everything. What a sick joke!

  5. If Roger Goodell could predict the future, he’d be doing something far more important. If he could control the universe, he’d be doing something else.

  6. MLB is having a difficult time playing scheduled games, I hope sounds decisions are made to keep fan’s and players safe if it means cancelling the season then that is what should be done

  7. Lions will be the first team to have two winless seasons when they finish 0-4-1.

  8. This will all work only if: people only go out when they need to AND when they do, they stay socially distant AND wear masks. Seems like ~ 70% of Americans are onboard with this. The other 30% are fairly brainwashed into thinking that it is all a conspiracy and precautions are not needed.

  9. Marlins had 12 people infected after their first series against the Phillies.
    Football has much more person to person interaction.
    They’d be smart to delay the season until a vaccine is readily available.

  10. The season is going to happen and they’re going to play a full 16 games

  11. 32 team elimination tournament lasting 5 weeks to declare super bowl champion

  12. This virus could begin to mutate at a greater pace than what we have seen so far. This would delay the availability of an efficient vaccine. So to me, the range for a vaccine could be 6 months to 2 years from now.
    If we do proceed with season 2020, we might be in a situation to use that experience in season 2121.

  13. There will be no season…they need to quit jerking everybody around with all this bs. The good part is the Lions will have time to correct their mistake and fire Matt Patricia.

  14. redskinisjustaword says:
    July 27, 2020 at 8:25 pm

    The season is going to happen and they’re going to play a full 16 games
    OK Nostradamus.
    If you actually believe this it must be because you are seriously uninformed.

    But, ignorance is bliss, so you can keep on believing that if you prefer.
    Reality and facts are stubborn so I hope you are not too upset when your
    delusion does not transpire.

  15. Roger is going to feel real bad when someone has their life taken or they will have problems the rest of their lives from playing. Nobody really knows what this virus is capable of doing a few years down the road to those if has infected already. Please everyone stay safe and lets all come together and help push this out of our country.

  16. Let’s say a “complete” season is going to happen but the virus does its thing. NCAA is likely to cancel its fall season championships (including Football), so most kids coming out in the next years draft are probably not going to play next spring since the NFL doesn’t want to postpone the draft….Seahawks just traded their first round pick (and a few more picks) for next years draft in what looks to be even more of a crapshoot than every other year to get a proven talent….Schneider probably didn’t get hosed in that deal after all…

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