As XFL sale approaches, ABC/ESPN and FOX seek revised TV deals

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Next week, potential buyers of the XFL will be required to place bids. And the league’s existing TV deals give the XFL more value.

According to Daniel Kaplan of, ABC/ESPN and FOX are looking to revise those contracts.

FOX, per Kaplan, is negotiating with Alpha Entertainment, current owner of the XFL, regarding the FOX deal. ABC/ESPN are trying to get out via the court system.

The argument advanced by the Disney-owned entitles arises from the notion that the company chose to do business Vince McMahon, not whoever buys the XFL from McMahon.

The XFL generated solid TV ratings before the pandemic, and in theory the XFL could thrive in the spring — unless college football gets moved to the same months. Regardless, the XFL’s TV deals add to the value of the asset. If ABC/ESPN or FOX can avoid or reduce their commitments, the potential price for the XFL will surely drop.