Coaching continuity gives Eagles confidence heading into season

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The Eagles made a few changes to their coaching staff this offseason, but they didn’t have to go through the wholesale changes their divisional rivals underwent after the 2019 season.

New head coaches were hired by the Cowboys, Giants and Washington, which means new schemes and ways of doing business that had to be communicated to players virtually during the spring. The Eagles, on the other hand, will have the same systems in place with a high number of returning players from last year’s division champs.

During a Monday conference call, head coach Doug Pederson was asked about that difference. He said he thought it would be “extremely tough” to take over a team under these circumstances and that the lack of upheaval is a reason for his team to feel confident.

“We’ve been blessed. I’ve been blessed going into my fifth year here in Philadelphia and maintaining the staff that I have and adding some great additions to the staff this year,” Pederson said. “And our players are excited because they are not having to learn a necessarily new offense or defense or special teams. So I’m not necessarily thinking it’s going to be a leg up, but at the same time, it does give us confidence going into camp that we all are on the same page.”

With training camps opening this week, the other NFC East teams will start working in earnest to make up for whatever edge the Eagles may have as a result of the continuity on their staff.

6 responses to “Coaching continuity gives Eagles confidence heading into season

  1. Coaching continuity is important, but it can be negated by player turnover. Eagles have two new starters on the offensive line, a new linebacking corps and a new secondary. That’s a lot of coaching that is necessary.

  2. They still need to figure out their WR situation. Not a single WR aside from Greg Ward looked like he belonged last year. That is not counting DJax because how can you count on DJax? Missed 15 games + a playoff game with a 6 week injury. He played 1 game + 5 other random plays for the entire season.

    If he plays more than 4 games this year it will be a miracle. Hopefully the rookies work out.

  3. This is an overblown factor. On paper, New York and Washington are still at least a year away from pushing for the division, which means the NFC East will be a competition between Philadelphia and Dallas. While the coaching changes for the other two teams are real, Dallas intentionally targeted an experienced head coach in order to minimize the bumps of transition. That head coach then kept the team’s offensive coordinator and has noted that he is more going to change the usage of the offensive scheme rather than the scheme itself, further minimizing transitions. And while there is a new defensive coordinator on the team, the front office still was targeting the exact same scheme-fit players as before, such as quickness-based DTs (McCoy, Gallimore) and lengthy press-experienced CBs (Diggs, Robinson, others). It’s seems safe to infer that Dallas picked the changes in the coaching staff to fit what was being done rather than redo things fresh, and while there will still be some transitions that’s no different than what every team has to do with the new players it adds.

  4. lol

    This team is so 2017.

    Enjoy the continued slow descent back to mediocrity or worse in cap hell.

  5. Assuming we have a Season:

    The Eagles SHOULD be good.
    Their Coaching Staff is good.
    Their QB is good.

    Their Problem has been keeping guys healthy.

    Are they good enough to go 10-6, win a playoff game and then lose to a better team in the next round?

    Are they good enough to make a legitimate run at another Super Bowl and bring another Title home to Philly?
    I am skeptical.

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